• The Nissan Z Proto could lend its design to a 400Z convertible and this Is What it Could Look Like

The Nissan Z Proto looks hot without a roof

Nissan just unveiled the Z Proto, a concept car that previews the next-generation Z, likely to be called the 400Z. With the Z Proto out in the open, there is all sorts of speculation as to what it could spawn. The rumor mill includes a convertible and a Nismo version, as well as the fact that it could borrow its engine from the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport. A convertible version would be particularly interesting given that Nissan no longer offers such a version of the 370Z, but the Japanese company hasn’t made that decision yet.

A Nissan 400Z Convertible is under consideration

Nissan Ushers in the Future By Looking to its Past With the Z Proto Exterior
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Speaking to journalists after the unveiling of the Z Proto, Nissan Z, GT-R, and Nismo product specialist Hiroshi Tamura made some comments about future Z products and features. According to Cars Guide, Tamura confirmed that the 400Z will feature an automatic transmission in addition to the manual shown in the concept car. When asked about a convertible version of the 400Z, he said that a drop-top model is "still up for debate" at Nissan. Likewise, he said that the market will decide whether the 400Z will be offer with a high-performance Nismo package at some point.

1991 - 1996 Nissan 300zx
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While we don't know if Nissan will offer a convertible or not, such a model would make sense given that the company offered such an option on three Z cars from the past.

The first drop-top debuted in 1993 on the 300ZX and was a response to aftermarket conversions. The 300ZX was actually fitted with T-tops, so it was more of a Targa body rather than a proper cabriolet, but Nissan fixed that with the 350Z in 2004. The outgoing 370Z, introduced in 2008, was also available with a convertible body style, but that model has since been discontinued.

How will the Nissan 400Z Convertible look like?

The Nissan Z Proto could lend its design to a 400Z convertible and this Is What it Could Look Like
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Thanks to X-Tomi Design, we can look at what appears to be a production-ready 400Z Convertible. Granted, Nissan will make some changes to the Z Proto before production but don’t expect any radical revisions. As a result, this rendering should be pretty close to the actual thing. The drop-top will obviously look identical to the coupe below the waist. But things will change above the beltline, as the rear section of the roof will disappear.

The 400Z convertible will feature a soft-top that will fold behind the seats, so it will no longer feature a sloping roof with a tailgate. Instead, it will have a longer deck lid and a conventional trunk in the rear.

The windshield will also have a different angle. With the top up, the 400Z convertible will look more like a three-volume car with two doors rather than a full-fledged coupe.

Source: Xtomi Design

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