It’s the perfect holiday present for your Ring-obsessed buddies

Not everyone gets the chance to go to the Nurburgring and drive around it, but just because that’s the case, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the Nurburgring to your living room.

You’ll get that chance now with the release of Nurburgring Monopoly. It’s the second Nurburgring-themed version of Monopoly — the first edition Nurburgring Monopoly was released in December 2018 — but instead of featuring vintage race cars, the second-edition Nurburgring Monopoly comes with a more varied mix of figurines, including — not surprisingly — a Formula One race car.

What makes the Nurburgring Monopoly board so cool?

Raise your hands if you’ve ever spent the holidays playing a round or two of Monopoly. It’s arguably the most famous board game in the world, and if there’s one in the household, you can be sure that it’s coming out of the shelves.

The second Nurburgring-inspired Monopoly board should make for a great holiday gift for all your Green Hell-loving buddies.

The basic concept of the game remains unchanged. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since the objective of the Monopoly board game has remained the same ever since it was launched in 1935. The unique thing about this game is mostly the artwork and the properties that are mentioned. The middle artwork, for example, is a picture of the Nurburgring’s most famous corner, the carousel. Instead of Chance and Community cards, the second-edition Nurburgring Monopoly has “Team Meeting” and “Boxenstopp,” with the latter translating to “Pit Stop” in English.

The properties are different, too.

Instead of traditional property landing spots like Baltic Avenue, Maryland Avenue, Michigan Avenue, Park Place, and Boardwalk, the second-edition Nurburgring Monopoly features specific areas of the Green Hell, including Bergwerk, Kesselchen, Metzgesfeld, and Caracciola-Karussell. It’s a little jarring seeing Bergwerk and Galgenkopf placed in the low-rent area of the board, but it’s hard to argue against the decision to replace the two highest rent areas from Boardwalk and Park Place to the Brunchen and the famous Karussell corner.

The Nurburgring Returns To Monopoly For A Second Go-Round
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The board game also comes with figurines that are unique to the Nurburgring theme. There are no horses, irons, wheelbarrows, or shoes. Instead, Nurburgring Monopoly V2’s figurines include the aforementioned Formula One race car, as well as a trophy, a tire, a helmet, and a wheel gun. There’s a wrench figurine, too, for what that’s worth.

Other than these unique theme-specific changes, the rest of the game is your typical Monopoly board game. The objective remains the same and, as you can imagine, the fun factor should remain the same, too.

Nurburgring Monopoly Board V2 Specs and Contents

Figures 8
Ownership cards 28
Community cards 16
Event cards 16
Monopoly play money 1 set
White grandstands 24
Red stadiums 12
Dice 2
Pace dice 1
Game rule book 1
Size 40 x 27 x 5.5 cm / 15.7 x 10.6 x 2.1 in

How can I get my Nurburgring Monopoly V2?

Now, there’s the question of whether you should buy this game. I could tell that you should in a heartbeat, but it does come with a caveat. It’s a German edition, which means that everything reads in German. That shouldn’t be a problem with the properties, but it might get a little complicated if you can’t understand the contents of the Team Meeting and Boxenstopp community cards.

Hopefully, an English edition of Nurburgring Monopoly V2 will come out sooner than later. If that happens, you can be sure that a lot of people from our side of the Atlantic will scoop the board game up faster than it takes the Lamborghini Huracan SVJ to complete a lap of the Nurburgring.

The board game is currently on sale for a price of €44.95 on the Nurburgring website. Shipping isn’t included in that price so you’re going to have to add shipping fees to secure your purchase. The total price converts to around $50, but you’re also going to have to know someone in Germany to complete the purchase. Shipping to North America is, sadly, not available.

Source: Nurburgring Shop

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