For most people, obtaining a driver’s license is their fastest ticket to independence. So naturally, those who take it would want to make the best impression to their instructors.

The British School of Motoring, Britain’s largest driving school is giving prospective drivers a much-needed assistance by acquiring a brand-new fleet of Fiat 500s to replace its old Vauxhall Corsa line-up

You might wonder why these Fiat 500s would be a boon to student driver when all you have to do is, well, to not crash the car. Well, studies have shown that one of the hardest parts of a driving test is parallel parking, which we figure the Fiat 500 won’t have any problems with that.

The BSM’s recent tie-up with Fiat has resulted in the driving school acquiring over 14,000 Fiats with most of them being the 500 model.

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The BSM-Fiat tie-up is also a marketing boost for both companies, especially for Fiat because as studies have shown, about 70% of student drivers buy the same car model as the one they passed their tests in.

On the flip side, this must be crushing new for Vauxhall, who for the longest time, has supplied the BSM with the largest number of cars for student drivers.

Source: BBC

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