• The Original Ford Mustang Could Have Looked A Bit Different

Ford has released some interesting info about how the Mustang came to life

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FoMoCo has made a habit out of sharing special details about the Mustang pony car during what the carmaker calls Mustang Week. This year, the Blue Oval released for the first time a series of notes about the Mustang and how it came to existence.

The Original Ford Mustang Could Have Looked A Bit Different Exterior
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Mind you, these documents are from 1962, which is two years before the first-generation Mustang met the public. Coming to complement them are a few sets of pictures that provide alternative design avenues Ford might have taken for the Mustang.

Obviously, Ford tried to lure in young buyers with the Mustang. In case there were any doubts until now, one of the documents states that “this market [compact sporty car] is even more important than is indicated by its present size because it includes a heavy concentration of younger buyers whose buying habits will be an important influence on the pattern of industry sales in the years ahead.”

The Original Ford Mustang Could Have Looked A Bit Different Exterior
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As a result, Ford planned “two models, a 2-door hardtop and convertible model” capable of taking in 6- and 8-cylinder engines. What’s more, the cars had to offer “four-passenger capacity” and “attractive styling and unique appearance” for a low price. The car’s proposed introduction was mid-1964 as an early 1965 model with a 3.5-year initial life cycle.

Coming back to the design topic, Ford actually held a design competition between its three studios.

Options for the Special Falcon Project (aka Mustang) came from Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, and Advanced Production Studios.

As you’ll see in the photo gallery, each studio came up with quite interesting variants. Ford’s studio submitted one clay model with different side profiles, while Lincoln-Mercury offered its vision on a fastback model.

The Original Ford Mustang Could Have Looked A Bit Different Exterior
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Advanced Products Studio came up with the most designs, including the Allegro, with later became the Ford Allegro concept car. Each proposal stayed true to the design brief and included the long hood and short rear deck.

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