• The Petersen Museum Finally Opens Its Vast Collection of Cars to the Public

If you’re in Los Angeles, this is the place to be

If you’re an auto fan, you should know about the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California. If you’re an auto fan, you should be over the moon that often-exclusive vault inside the museum will finally open its doors to the public today, June 1. A new exhibit, called “The World Tour Vault presented by Hagerty,” will pull the curtains on as many as 100 cars found inside the museum, giving museum-goers an opportunity to see some of the finest machinery the industry has ever built.

We’ve often called some auto-related events can’t-miss opportunities, and this one definitely counts as one of them. The Pedersen Automotive Museum houses arguably the most impressive car collection in the world, and we’re now getting to see a big chunk of them? That’s an opportunity that should never, under any circumstances, be passed up.

Even better, the museum itself will offer a number of different public tours, ranging from a 75-minute tour at just $20 to a 120-minute tour at $30. Later this summer, the museum will also offer the Tour of the Legends at a price of $75. It’s unclear what that specific tour is going to be made up of, but it should be a spectacle in its own given how much it costs to sign up for it.

All of this is made possible through the museum’s partnership with Hagerty, the same company that offers insurance on collectible vehicles. The new exhibit is part of a 10-year partnership between the museum and the insurance agency. “As the world’s preeminent automotive museum, we constantly strive to educate our guests about automotive history, technology and design and how it has impacted both local and global culture,” said Petersen Automotive Museum Executive Director Terry L. Karges. “The Vault presented by Hagerty will offer the public an opportunity to now select their tour experience and see compelling new content that has never been displayed before at the Petersen.”

Those who will go to the museum will have a staggering 40,000 square feet of additional display space to walk around, giving them an opportunity to see more than 120 years of automotive history in all that space. Don’t miss out on the chance to go to the museum. If you still need to be convinced, let Hagerty CEO McKeel Hagerty talk you into going.

“Car fans are going to be blown away by the vault tour,” he said. “Most people haven’t had the opportunity to see a lot of these icons up close before, so we’re thrilled to give them that chance. Cars this special should be seen by everybody.”

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