• The Plan to Saving Alfa Romeo is, Apparently, Raising Prices and Delaying Models

At This Point, Alfa Romeo Is Dead But Too Lazy to Lay Down

Following the FCA-PSA merger that created Stellantis, Alfa Romeo has a new design boss, but whether or not the company is going to survive the next five years is still being called into question. Recent news that the Tonale was being delayed by three months doesn’t help but the latest interview between Auto News and Alfa’s new CEO is, well, troubling.

Does Anyone At Alfa Romeo Actually Stop to Think About What They Are Doing?

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Alfa Romeos sales figures are an absolute joke. The late Sergio Marchionne was expecting to push the brand to annual sales that topped 400,000 vehicles per year, yet in 2019 and 2020, the company couldn’t even move 60,000 per year. Keep in mind, that in 2019, the company canceled the revival of both the 8C and GTV which happened right as FCA started to skin the brand to the bone and drop the 4C spider too. Fast forward to mid-2020 and the Giulietta was discontinued because it couldn’t compete in the compact segment anymore, which was only met with promises that a compact electric SUV would arrive in 2022.

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Now, under new leadership, it has been announced that Alfa Romeo is discontinuing the Giorgio platform – the billion-dollar architecture that supports the Giulia and Stelvio (along with the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and Maserati Grecale, for what that’s worth) as the company shifts toward its electric future. So what the hell is going on?

Well in an interview with Auto News, Alfa’s new CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, claims that vehicle quality is on par with its German competition. In other words, Alfa Romeo cars as just as good as Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. But, that’s not the real meat and potatoes of that interview as it seems that Imparato believes the key to bringing Alfa Romeo back from the dead is to raise prices or at least that’s what he implied anyway when he said that Alfa Romeo must not sell its vehicles “on the cheap.”

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On top of this, he went on to express how little faith he has in the company making a turnaround by refusing to disclose sales targets, only alluding to not making promises:

“I will not make promises I can’t fulfill. At the end of each year we will unveil the following year’s program”

I don’t know about you, but he isn’t exactly filling me with a lot of confidence. The Giorgio platform is canceled, there’s a solid hint a price increases, and the Tonale is now delayed with sales expected to commence in June of 2022. Meanwhile, there is no other publicized plan in place outside of slashing costs, like operating from a new global head office that is about the size of a tennis court, “closing the residual gap with our rivals in 3-4 years,” and targeting a mix of 45-percent private sales, 45-percent fleet sales, and 10-percent direct sales.

The Plan to Saving Alfa Romeo is, Apparently, Raising Prices and Delaying Models Exterior
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Oh yeah, and in case you forgot, no Alfa Romeo is actually cheap. After all, you could almost buy three Giulia Quadrifoglios for the cost of on Giulia GTA.

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