• The Porsche Macan Diesel Set to Arrive in the US

    Porsche planning a diesel Macan in the U.S.; can it actually survive?

Porsche plans to expand the U.S.-spec Macan lineup, which was introduced 2015, to include a diesel-powered model for 2016. That’s the word from Auto News, who quotes vice president of marketing for Porsche Cars North America Andre Oosthuizen and adds that sales of the diesel Macan would begin in late 2015 or early 2016.

"We are now busy with the development and the engineering," Oosthuizen confirmed, adding that the U.S.-spec Macan’s 3.0-liter V-6 diesel engine will deliver about 245 horsepower. The Macan S Diesel cranks out 255 ponies at 4,000 rpm and a whopping 428 pound-feet of torque from 1,750 rpm in its Euro-spec guise.

Equipped with a PDK transmission and all-wheel-drive, the Macan S Diesel sprints from 0 to 62 mph in 6.3 seconds and hits a top speed of 143 mph. We expect the U.S.-spec model to boast the same top speed and a 0-to-60 mph benchmark of around 6.4 seconds. Naturally, the Macan Diesel will become the most fuel-efficient member of the U.S. Macan family, surpassing the S’ 23 mpg highway and 17 mpg combined by a significant margin. The U.S. unveiling is reportedly set at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Asked whether or not Porsche is planning on bringing the four-cylinder Macan to the U.S. as well, Oosthuizen said the model is "not under consideration for the foreseeable future."

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Why it matters

Although the Macan was launched in the U.S. only in S and Turbo guises, it was only a matter of time before the diesel-powered version crossed the pond as well. Although U.S. buyers are still reluctant to buy diesel vehicles, the Macan’s strong fuel-economy numbers with an oil burner under the hood — about 37 mpg combined on the European cycle — is likely to attract more customers to Porsche dealerships.

Porsche Macan Diesel

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The Macan S Diesel is one of four Macan crossover currently available from Porsche. Launched alongside the Macan S and the Turbo, the diesel is powered by a 3.0-liter, V-6 mill that generates 255 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of torque. The fuel-efficient crossover needs 6.3 seconds to launch from naught to 60 mph, while its top speed is rated at 143 mph.

The diesel model comes with the same exterior shell and interior amenities as its gasoline-powered siblings, save for the model-specific badges. Besides being the most fuel-efficient model of the bunch, the S Diesel is also the most eco-friendly Macan, emitting only 159 grams of CO2 per km. The Macan Turbo emits up to 216 g/km.

Source: Automotive News

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