• The Porsche Taycan Gets Ludicrously Expensive with Options

You can spec a Porsche Taycan to over $240,000

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Nobody was expecting the Porsche Taycan, the brand’s first mass market all-electric vehicle, to be cheap. And it isn’t, even when just talking about its base asking price. When you start piling on the options (and if you’re configuring one of these, make no mistake, you will), the price quickly soars to astronomical levels.

The Porsche Taycan Gets Ludicrously Expensive with Options
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The base Taycan Turbo retails for $150,900, while the Taycan Turbo S starts from $185,000. Porsche has said it plans to launch a sub-$100,000 variant of the Taycan, but for now and for the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on the top-spec Turbo S to see just how much its price can be increased by ticking option boxes.

Upon opening the Porsche Taycan configurator, you are informed that you must add the Mobile Charger Connect or the Mobile Charger Connect which includes the Home Energy Manager - these add either $1,120 or $1,660 respectively. Another option that you can’t have the car without right now is the fixed panoramic sunroof for an additional $1,490.

With these two options added, the price rises to $189,500 and this is actually the base price for the Turbo S, since you can’t have it without the two options above.

Moving further down the options list we’re asked to choose a color. You can have the car in either white or black at no extra cost and even opting for one of the metallic colors doesn’t add to the final price tally. The only color finish that is a cost option is Carmine Red for which Porsche wants $3,150. If you opt for the latter, the price rises to $192,650.

The Porsche Taycan Gets Ludicrously Expensive with Options
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Porsche offers three different sets of wheels for the Taycan. All have 21-inch rims and out of all available sets, probably the Mission E-inspired set looks best. It’s also the standard set the car comes with, and I don’t think the other sets look as good as this. However, if you want one of the other two sets, you’ll have to pay either $600 or $4,150 - the second set of optional wheels is basically the first optional set, but with carbon fiber aeroblades. If you do opt for the second optional set, the cost of the car is increased to $197,160.

There’s also the option to have the outer rim part of the wheel the same color as the body for $1,290, and for some colors this will probably be an option worth having.

For Carmine Red, though, it’s probably not the best choice - I ended up not choosing it for the Taycan that I’m configuring for this piece, so keep in mind that the final price could be $3,150 higher.

If you want to go further with the exterior customization, you can, for instance, opt for the “SportDesign Package in Carbon Fiber”, for a mere $5,660. This option makes the Taycan’s front and rear fascias... sportier and it adds carbon fiber upper and lower blades in the front, as well as the diffuser in the rear. It also changes the standard air intake grilles up front and the lower edge of the roof spoiler to a high gloss black finish. This is the single most expensive option available for the Taycan and it pushes the price to $199,670.

The Porsche Taycan Gets Ludicrously Expensive with Options
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It probably goes well with the “SportDesign Exterior Mirror Housing in Carbon Fiber,” a $1,630 option that you can’t do without if you opt for the larger carbon pack. With its box ticked, the price goes up to $201,300

With power folding mirrors, under-mirror puddle light projectors and a different color for the exterior logos, the price is pushed up to $202,620. So this is essentially a Taycan that has all the cosmetic upgrades on it, but none of the interior (comfort) or performance upgrades selected.

Porsche proposes two ways in which you can improve the Taycan’s performance - the $3,590 Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport) and the $900 Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) that come with calipers painted high gloss black. Put a tick in both these boxes and the price goes to $207,110.

The car can also be had with optional LED Matrix headlights, which at $580 seem cheap and a worthwhile investment, as is the thermally and noise-insulated glass for an additional $1,130.

With the latter, Porsche promises “noticeably improved acoustics due to the minimization of external noises, UV protection and reduced warming of interior.”

The Porsche Taycan Gets Ludicrously Expensive with Options
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Not that the car was cheap to begin with, but by this point, you’ll be spending $208,820 on it, so you will want to look after it. That’s why the $1,200 surround view camera system is well worth the money, as is the $3,610 adaptive cruise control (it doesn’t include a lane change function and for that you have to shell out an extra $950), and the $2,420 night vision function. At this point, your Taycan Turbo S costs $217,280, and we haven’t even started talking about interior customization.

Inside, Porsche lets you make your Taycan feel like your own by adding $360 accents in the exterior color (definitely a cool touch with the right color combo) and you can even have the vehicle key painted for $540. And of course you want the Storage Package too - for $280, it adds a storage tray below the center console, another storage tray in the rear center console, as well as a net and a bag hook in the trunk.

On top of this, you can have seat belts in several colors for $660 (I went for Slate Grey on the car I was configuring) and the SportChrono stopwatch dial on top of the dash finished in either red or white for $420.

You can also add a ski bag for $250, individual rear seats for $480, and four-zone climate control for $990.
The Porsche Taycan Gets Ludicrously Expensive with Options
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But wait, there’s more. You can choose all sorts of leather and other material combinations, and if you choose the single most expensive one out of every category, have Porsche crests on the armrest and the owner’s manual in a leather bag for $560, as well as the Premium Package (with ventilated and massaging front seats), you’re looking at a $224,720 price tag (of which just over $38,000 are options alone - you can get a brand new 2019 Ford Mustang GT for that amount of money, by the way).

Should you want personalized door sill plates that are not only made out of carbon fiber but also sport a matte finish and an illuminated logo, Porsche will do it for you, at a cost of $4,060. Should you want matching matte carbon fiber trim on the steering wheel and the wheel rim covered in a different material to the rest of the interior, you can do that for another $950.

The Porsche Taycan Gets Ludicrously Expensive with Options
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Another cool feature is the $1,130 passenger display option - it adds a 10.9-inch touchscreen in front of the passenger so that he or she can have access to the infotainment.

And if you’re looking to buy a car like this, you probably like music (which you might need more in the Taycan than in other Porsche models because it’s the quietest Porsche ever), so you will also have to spend another $5,810 on the optional Burmester premium audio system.

With literally all possible options boxes ticked (including that for the $6,323 fitted leather luggage set), the final price for a Taycan Turbo S is $237,760 - with the optional paint, this is a $240,000+ car.

Porsche Taycan option prices
Mobile Charger Connect $1,120
Mobile Charger Connect incl. Home Energy Manager (currently unavailable) $1,660
Fixed Panoramic Roof in Glass $1,490
Carmine Red exterior paint $3,150
21" Taycan Exclusive Design Wheels $600
21" Taycan Exclusive Design Wheels with Carbon Fiber Aeroblades $4,510
Wheels Painted in Exterior Color $1,290
Olea Club Leather in Basalt Black $2,450
Premium Package $4,340
SportDesign Package in Carbon Fiber $5,660
SportDesign Front Fascia $3,610
SportDesign Exterior Mirror Housing in Carbon Fiber $1,630
Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport) $3,590
Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) with Calipers in High Gloss Black $900
Fixed Panoramic Roof in Glass $1,490
Porsche InnoDrive incl. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) $3,610
Massage Seat Function (Front) incl. Seat Ventilation (Front) $2,000
Personalized Door-Sill Guards in Matte Carbon Fiber, Illuminated $4,060
Passenger Display $1,130
Burmester® High-End Surround Sound System $5,810

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