The affiliation between the Ram TRX and the T-Rex is just coincidence... kinda

As the only real alternative to the Ford F-150 Raptor, perceiving the Ram 1500 TRX’s relationship to the T-Rex dinosaur makes sense on several levels. First off, the T-Rex was an adversary of the Raptor, and two, it really kind of sticks it to the Ford Raptor. When the live unveiling for the TRX happened, it was even kicked off with a cutscene from Jurassic Park that included – you guessed it – the T-Rex. As it turns out, however, that’s not where Ram was originally going with the name and, while it makes sense now, it boils down to happenstance.

The Ram 1500 TRX Could Have Had a Completely Different Name

The Ram 1500 TRX Might Be Associated With the T-Rex Dinosaur, But That Wasn't the Intention Exterior
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The TRX or "T-Rex" nomenclature makes a lot of sense given the fact that it competes against the Ford F-150 Raptor, but that name wasn’t originally what Ram had planned. In fact, Ram didn’t even decide on the name of the Ram TRX until a short time before the debut. In an interview with Automobile Magazine, Exterior Design Lead, Mike Gillam, explained just how it happened. In short, the company was considering more than 200 names, but due to the short timeframe before the debut, the company couldn’t make sure it was legal to use any one of them, and that’s where TRX came in.

"Because of the short timeline, we actually had a sheet of craft paper up in the studio, and we had probably 200-plus different naming ideas. A lot of them were really cool, out there and exciting. And at the end of the day, legal couldn't vet any of those names fast enough for the reveal. So, it was really just a timing thing."
The Ram 1500 TRX Might Be Associated With the T-Rex Dinosaur, But That Wasn't the Intention Exterior
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Once the legality issues came into play, Ram was forced to start looking into names it already owns, and that’s when TRX came up. As a name that the company owned but had rarely used, it made perfect sense.

"They looked, and they said, 'What do we already have the rights to?' And we actually had TRX, it ran for I think just one year, it was an off-road package we offered on Ram. And it was sort of a little bit obscure. Every now and again, I'll see one driving around. But it was kind of a cool name. They thought, 'yeah, you know what, it's simple, it's memorable. We own it already,' which was the big thing. So, 'let's just go with that.' It was, again, one of these things where we didn't overthink it too much."
The Ram 1500 TRX Might Be Associated With the T-Rex Dinosaur, But That Wasn't the Intention Exterior
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Of course, it ended up working out very well, and as I mentioned before, Ram made it a point to take advantage of the relation to the T-Rex vs. the Raptor in its initial reveal. All of that, however, just so happened to fall into place, and it wasn’t a direct stab at the Raptor name – at least not on the onset, anyway.

2021 Ram 1500 TRX specifications
Type and Description 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled
Displacement 376 cu. in. (6,166 cu. cm)
Bore x Stroke 4.09 x 3.58 (103.9 x 90.9)
Valve System Pushrod-operated overhead valves, 16 valves with sodium-filled exhaust valves and hollow stem intake valves, 16 conventional hydraulic lifters, all with roller tips
Fuel Injection Sequential, multiport, electronic, returnless
Construction Deep-skirt cast-iron block with cross-bolted main bearing caps, aluminum-alloy heads with hemispherical combustion chambers
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Power (SAE J2723) 702 hp (523 kW) @ 6,100 rpm
Torque (SAE J2723) 650 lb.-ft. (882 Nm) @ 4,800 rpm
Max. Engine Speed 6,200 rpm (electronically limited)
0-60 Mph 4.5 Seconds
Top Speed 118 MPH

Source: Automobile Magazine

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