is an Escalade.

Sure, both the Boss and Aretha sang about it, but for the last twenty years, there’s only been one real pink Cadillac:

A Mary Kay Cadillac.

Mary Kay cosmetics has, for years, rewarded the top tier of their cosmetics salespersons with a brand new Mary Kay pink Cadillac. 


In the past, it’s been a deVille.

But now it’s an Escalade.

Or, if that’s too big, an XLR.

The remainder of the Cadillac line is also available to those that haven’t hit the pinnacle, but came very, very close, (including the DTS and SRX. The Escalade was added specifically to accommodate the Mary Kay sales people (no, they’re not all women) who have families. 
The Mary Kay Cadillacs even have a special Mary Kay emblem discretely located on the lower side of the front fender, behind the wheel well. The whole thing has a certain element of understated class.
Even the color.
Sure, it’s pink. But it’s a soft pink. A very feminine pink. Not feminine in the sense of gender. Feminine in the sense of someone who doesn’t feel guilty about liking herself and liking men almost as much.
It’s been a formula for success that has made Mary Kay Cosmetics probably the most successful cosmetics company in the world. (It claims to be the largest. Of course, no one really knows: the company is privately owned, so it doesn’t have to report it’s financial results. That’s probably why they can give away pink Cadillacs and probably why they’re so successful.)
Think this business of pink Cadillacs is a trifling matter?
First think of the amount of profit from sales which a company must make to reward one person with a car costing, even with its quantity discount, $40,000 to $50,000.
Thing is big business. For both Mary Kay and Cadillac.
Cadillac assigns one of its executives full time to the Mary Kay account. It should: since 1969 there have been more than 100,000 Mary Kay Cadillacs. At GM, what Mary Kay wants, Mary Kay gets.
The Cadillacs are actually on two-year leases from GM. Part of the agreement between GM and Mary Kay stipulates that, at the end of the lease, the cars will be returned to GM.
Mary Kay does not want to see old cars in her color on the streets. 
What’s that, you just started with Mary Kay? Not gonna get to Cadillac level before you need your next new car?
Don’t worry. If you do well, there’s a black Pontiac in store for you. 
Lesser successes at Mary Kay, those who have done exceptionally well, but not well enough to rate the ultimate, get Pontiacs. 
Those are painted black.

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