The Porsche hypercar is turning into a magnet for recalls

With all the technological advances contained within the Porsche 918 Spyder, the thought of seeing the car subjected to a recall seems far-fetched, maybe even ridiculous. And yet, the 918 Spyder has actually been recalled a handful of times already. It’s had rear axle control arms issues. It’s had defective chassis parts. Now it’s once again being recalled for what Porsche is saying as potential problems attributed to the hypercar’s seatbelts.

Apparently, a mistake in the 918 Spyder’s original parts catalog may have led technicians to install the wrong screw in the wrong location, leaving both the seat belt mount and the belt reel mount unsecured. Since the screws are one-time-use only, there’s no way for Porsche to put them back in their proper place. So the company is issuing the recall so it check the fastening screws on the seat belt mount and on the belt reel to ensure that they’re right where they’re supposed to be.

In the event that they’re not, Porsche will replace the screws on all affected models of the 918 Spyder. Since this involves the automaker’s most high-profile performance car, the company is understandably treating this with the proper amount of caution. It’s not clear if this recall affects all 918 units of the hypercar but Porsche is recalling a large portion anyway, just to be sure.

Owners of the hypercar are encouraged to contact their respective Porsche dealers, wherever they may be in the world, to know more about the recall and how they can have their respective 918 Spyders inspected for the faulty screws.

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Why it matters

We all know how important recalls are and it’s even more important if the car in question has the performance credentials of the Porsche 918 Spyder. A car that can hit a top speed of 211 mph is no laughing matter and if there’s any potential problems that can undermine its safety, Porsche is well within its rights to treat it with the seriousness it deserves.

On that note, it is becoming a little alarming that the 918 Spyder has been subjected to so many recalls in the past year. I’ve mentioned the defective chassis parts and the issues with the rear axle control arms, but those aren’t the only issues the 918 Spyder has faced. In May 2015, a separate issue, one involving a piece of carbon fiber that could damage the wiring harness, was discovered and that, to no one’s surprise, also prompted a recall.

The only solace for Porsche here is that the problem was discovered before somebody got hurt because their seat belts didn’t function properly. That would’ve been a far bigger headache to deal with and one that would have irreparably damaged the reputation of the German automaker and its prized hypercar.

Let’s hope that only a few 918 Spyders are affected by the recall. In any event, all of its owners should be a lot more careful driving their cars before Porsche gets a hand on them.

Porsche 918 Spyder

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