• The Rezvani Tank Can Get Crazy Expensive!

Yet under that tough skin is a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited…

You probably remember the Rezvani Tank, the modified Jeep Wrangler Unlimited put together by this California-based company known for high-performance supercars. We brought news of the Tank back in early October, including its $178,000 starting price. Well, Rezvani has launched its online configurator for the tank, complete with outlandish options like three levels of bulletproofing and hand-stitched leather floor mats. Well, it turns out the Tank can get a whole lot more expensive than we originally thought.

The 2018 Rezvani Tank can cost upwards of $305,000!

That’s right – this Wrangler-turned-monster can cost more than a quarter-million dollars. So, what jacks the price up? Quite a bit, actually. Let’s tear down the build sheet and see what options Rezvani is offering. It’s actually pretty interesting. But for starters, remember this Wrangler has been fitted with a 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 making near 500 horsepower and rides on upgraded axles with beefier suspension parts and 37-inch mud-terrain tires.

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The Extensive Options List

The Rezvani Tank Can Get Crazy Expensive! Exterior
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The biggest single upgrade comes next – the armor

Rezvani starts with the outside, where it offers ten color choices at no extra charge. The wheels can be had in Brushed Aluminum, Dark Gray, and Black, with the latter two at a $500 premium. The biggest single upgrade comes next – the armor. Opting for the B4 Hand Gun Protection package costs $45,000. For those who are worried about high-powered rifle fire, the B6 Assault Rifle Package costs $60,000. And for those wanted by some government agency or fear a terrorist group is out to get them, Rezvani has the B7 Armor Piercing Protection option, which protects against armor-piercing rounds. That option costs a whopping $97,000. Ouch!

Of course, seeing at night is important, so Rezvani will install at thermal Night Vision System for $5,500.

The Rezvani Tank Can Get Crazy Expensive! Exterior
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There are two suspension choices: the Off-Road Suspension and the Off-Road Extreme Suspension

There are two suspension choices: the Off-Road Suspension and the Off-Road Extreme Suspension. The first, for a mere $5,500 fee, brings a six-inch lift on top of Dynatrac ProRock axles. The front axle is built off the Dana 44 and the rear is off the Dana 60. Both have E-lockers and upgraded 1350 Driveshafts. Fox Racing 2.5-inch, remote reservoir shocks keep the axles from dancing, and 37x12.5-inch mud-terrain Tires finish the build.

The Off Road Extreme Suspension option brings Dynatrac ProRock XD60/80 axles front and rear, a set of air-actuated differential locks and an onboard air compressor, 1350 front and 1410 rear driveshafts, a brake upgrade kit for both axles, and Fox Racing 2.5-inch shocks with internal bypasses. This option still gives six inches of lift, but is more heavy-duty and includes 37x13.5-inch mud-terrain tires. The price for all this: $12,500.

2018 Rezvani Tank Interior
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You can choose a full leather interior for $3,500 and pick one of three color options

Inside, Rezvani continues to offer outlandish upgrades. You can choose a full leather interior for $3,500 and pick one of three color options. For $500, you can upgrade the stitching to a contrasting color. Even more outlandish, Rezvani will throw in a set of hand-stitched, leather floor mats for $650. Leather floor mats! A welcomed upgrade of the Wrangler’s dull and severely outdated Uconnect 47N with an iPad-like head unit from Alpine that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for $2,500.

Other ancillary add-ons include a weatherproof car cover for $750 and a battery trickle charger for $175.

The Rezvani Tank Can Get Crazy Expensive! Exterior
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Select all the most expensive options, and the final price comes to $305,075. That’s pretty darn expensive for a modified Jeep Wrangler – even if it has 500 horsepower, massive axles, and can withstand armor-piercing rounds from an assault rifle.

Rezvani Tank $178,000
B4 Hand Gun Protection $45,000
B6 Assault Rifle Protection $60,000
B7 Armor piercing rounds $97,000
Thermal Night Vision System $5,500
Off Road Suspension $5,500
Off Road Extreme Suspension $12,500
High Performance Brakes $3,500
Full Leather Interior $3,500
Colored Stitching $500
Leather with unique design and hand stitching $650
Premiium Sound - Alpine Apple CarPlay Unit $2,500
Weather Proof car cover $750
CTEK 4.3 $175

What do you think? Is Rezvani charging too much for its 2018 Tank or is the price just right? Let us know in the comments below.


Rezvani Tank

2018 Rezvani Tank Exterior
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