• The Rimac C Two, Which Doesn’t Even Have a Real Name, Is Not Completely Sold Out

The first-year production run, on the other hand, has been scooped up

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The Rimac C_Two has been in development for the better part of two years, and even though the final production version hasn’t been revealed, the Czech automaker hasn’t had trouble attracting prospective customers.

No, Rimac hasn’t sold the C_Two’s entire production run, but it has filled up the supercar’s production allocation for the first year. That’s the word from no less than Rimac’s head honcho Mate Rimac, who took to Facebook to clarify rumors that all 150 planned units of the C_Two are already accounted for.

The Rimac C_Two is the Croatian supercar brand’s follow up to the highly successful and uproariously mental Concept One electric supercar. Considering the kind of success that RImac with the Concept One, there was built-in pressure to develop a successor that’s better in many ways. It remains to be seen if the C_Two will be a worthy successor — it’s still in development — but Mate Rimac’s admission that the first-year allocation of the electric supercar has been accounted for is a positive sign that there’s a tremendous amount of interest in the C_Two from the millionaires and billionaires of the world.

Mate Rimac made sure to quell the gossip, posting on Facebook that, contrary to all the rumors, the C_Two has, in fact, not sold out completely.

The Rimac C Two, Which Doesn't Even Have a Real Name, Is Not Completely Sold Out Exterior
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It’s an admirable thing to say, especially when you consider that rumors of the C_Two being sold out adds to the mystique surrounding the electric supercar. On the other hand, it also removes potential interest in the model, particularly from those who are still on the fence about scoring one. Rimac, though, didn’t mince words about the company’s position with regards to the matter. “Customers are very interested in the car but want to see how things play out – they want to try it before committing and see reviews,” he says. “We are fully in line with that and have never pushed customers to commit before trying the car.”

It’s a smart approach to be upfront about it. After all, only a handful of people in the world have had a chance to sample the C_Two. That small list includes former F1 world champion Nico Rosberg and the folks at Top Gear who had a go in a prototype model back in 2020. Offering the car’s entire production run for sale isn’t the smartest move, especially with the model still in development. Heck, it doesn’t even have an official name yet.

Is Rimac leaving money on the table by taking this approach?

The Rimac C Two, Which Doesn't Even Have a Real Name, Is Not Completely Sold Out
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You could say that if all you’re worried about is making money. But Rimac, being a niche automaker, has a brand and an identity to protect. It can’t go the way of Ferrari or Lamborghini because those two are established brands with long track records of delivering the goods. Rimac still has a long way to go before it can reach that level. Mate Rimac, in particular, is very cautious about it, preferring to have the C_Two in production, or at the very least, in near-production form before he’s confident to show it off to customers. What he doesn’t want is for customers to “experience glitches or some rough edges that will be improved in the production car.”

This is a case of Rimac wanting to cover all of its bases, and that’s the absolute right to do. The company is confident that demand will follow once people get an idea on what the C_Two is fully capable of, but until then, the Croatian automaker prefers to build its house first before letting people inside it.

The Rimac C Two, Which Doesn't Even Have a Real Name, Is Not Completely Sold Out
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Rimac C_Two Performance And Powertrain
Battery Pack Capacity 120 kWh
Range Per Charge 400 miles
Electric Motors four
Combined Horsepower 1,914
Torque 1,696 pound-feet
0-60 mph 1.85 seconds
0 to 186 mph 11.8 seconds
Quarter-mile 9.1 seconds
Top Speed 258 mph
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