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The Rivian R1T Enjoys Snow More Than A Husky Does!

A Rivian R1T was spotted playing in heavy snow in ‘Drift Mode’

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Ever since the Rivian R1T was launched, we’ve had our eyes on it. This year, the production version of the truck came out and deliveries began a few months back. We have seen it in action already, but we now have another video where it can be seen having fun in the snow. From the looks of it, the weather seems to be the least bit challenging for the R1T. Is this going to be your latest snowmobile?

The R1T Is Comfortable Drifting In The Snow

The Rivian R1T Enjoys Snow More Than A Husky Does!
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The latest video comes from Rivian’s Manager, Battery Validation Engineering, Aimen Shawki. He took the R1T somewhere near Lake Tahoe and you can see the truck enjoying the snow

The short clip was posted by Aimen Shawki, Manager, Battery Validation Engineering at Rivian. It was shot near Lake Tahoe, which has been experiencing snowstorms lately. Aimen posted the clip on his Instagram page with the caption:

Tahoe 2021 with the #Rivian in DRIFT MODE! Super impressed with how this truck handled the snow. Safely got my family out of a pretty nasty snow storm this weekend.

The truck seems to be at complete ease here, thanks to the quad-motor setup and the impressive off-roading capabilities. We knew that R1T and the R1S, its SUV twin, are great at conquering the off-road trails, but we now know that snow isn’t any problem for them either.

The Rivian R1T Enjoys Snow More Than A Husky Does!
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Swipe up to watch the video and read about the Rivian R1T in detail

Here are some of R1T’s salient features:

- * Quad-motor setup
- * 0-60 mph in three seconds in top trim
- * Can rock crawl at 100-percent grade
- * Towing capacity up to 11,000 pounds
- * 300-mile range
- * 15.6-inch touchscreen system
- * An all-glass panoramic roof will be available
- * Four 110-Volt and three 12-Volt outlets
- * Driver+ driver assistance system will include 11 cameras, five radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a 360-degree field vision
- * Tank Turn available; K-Turn patented
- * Three trims/packages on offer – Explore, Adventure, Launch
- * Starting price - $67,500

Do you think the Rivian R1T will be the best-selling electric pickup truck once the competition arrives? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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