Luxury SUV by Saab!

Saab are to introduce their SUV to the marketplace, is it a winner.

The Saab 9-7 aero, another SUV!

Well I suppose that it had to happen sooner or later, Saab the Jets and Car maker have launched their version of a Sports Utility Vehicle, the image of which seems to look like some other SUV’s already on the market, it has the same sort of lines of a General Motors or maybe a Ford car, or maybe it is just that there are so many of the vehicles out there now that they are all appearing to look the same now.

In a market that seems to have seen its best years, the car manufacturers are still bring these heavy duty road cars out and appear to have no plans to change that, which begs the question as to why we hear that sales are down and that there is a growing anti sports utility vehicle movement, to the extent that even governments are talking about increasing taxes in some way to put people off of driving these large cars around the streets of some cities and towns. Of course there is the view point that the people who can afford to buy and run these large cars, can also afford to pay any amount that a government can throw at them and therefore will not be put off of buying and driving these vehicles as long as they feel safe and secure in doing so.

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