The McLaren Sabre is exclusive to the U.S. market, built in just 15 units

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McLaren is currently working on several projects, including replacements for its current lineups and brand-new hybrid models. But it’s also developing new gasoline-only supercars. One such example is the Sabre, which just debuted as an U.S.-exclusive model with aggressive aerodynamics, big V-8 power, and an impressive top speed. It’s also limited to just 15 units, which makes it the most exclusive McLaren ever built.

The Sabre Is The Most Powerful Non-Hybrid Supercar McLaren Has Ever Built Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Before we talk about how impressive the Sabre looks, it’s important to point out that this supercar is not a global vehicle. Unlike every other McLaren produced so far, the Sabre was designed and homologated exclusively for the U.S. market, so it won’t be sold anywhere else. That’s bad news for enthusiasts living anywhere else. The good news is that the U.S. exclusive homologation enabled McLaren to stretch "design, engineering and aerodynamic conventions to new limits."

The Sabre Is The Most Powerful Non-Hybrid Supercar McLaren Has Ever Built Exterior
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McLaren did not release a lot of info about the car’s exterior in terms of downforce and aerodynamics, but it’s pretty obvious that the Sabre is one extreme supercar.

Design-wise, it looks very familiar.

Many of its styling cues look similar to those of the 720S and Speedtail, while the aero kit reminds me of the Senna. If we ignore some of the more unique details, we could say that the Sabre is a 720S fitted with a the aero kit of a Senna.

It’s actually designed to look as if separate aero parts were slapped onto the front fenders, side skirts, rear fenders, and the rear fascia, and that’s exactly what makes it stand out.

The Sabre Is The Most Powerful Non-Hybrid Supercar McLaren Has Ever Built Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Just like the Senna, the Sabre looks as if it was design for the race track. There’s a massive splitter up front, all sorts of canards, winglets, and vents around the wheel arches and along the side skirts, and big outlets behind the doors. A big fin similar to those seen on Le Mans prototypes extends from the roof toward the deck lid, where it meets the central post of the big wing. The latter isn’t as big as the Senna’s, but it extends toward the rear fenders, with the lower sections of the posts making contact with the bumper. I should say the side sections of what’s supposed to be a bumper, because the Sabre’s bumper is actually a massive diffuser that extends rearward.

The Sabre Is The Most Powerful Non-Hybrid Supercar McLaren Has Ever Built Exterior
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The fascia itself is just a thin element that incorporates a wide, center-mounted exhaust pipes. Unlike other McLaren models, the Sabre features extremely thin, vertical taillights mounted on the wing posts. The Sabre is basically a road-legal race car that’s a bit more extreme than McLaren’s other barely road-legal race car, the Senna.

The McLaren Sabre packs the company’s most powerful V-8

The Sabre Is The Most Powerful Non-Hybrid Supercar McLaren Has Ever Built Exterior
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Despite McLaren’s effort to electrify its lineup, the Sabre remains true to gasoline-only V-8 power. The rear hood of the Sabre hides the company’s iconic 4.0-liter V-8, a twin-turbo unit that also powers the 720S, the Senna, and the Elva, just to name a few McLarens. For the Sabre, the engine has been retuned to generated 824 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. While the torque figure is identical to other McLaren models fitted with this engine, output is higher than all of them.

At 824 horsepower, the Sabre packs an extra 20 horses compared to the Elva, which up to this point has been McLaren’s most potent V-8 model. For reference, the Senna comes with 789 horsepower on tap, so the Sabre delivers an extra 35 horses. In short, this U.S.-exclusive supercar is the most powerful non-hybrid McLaren ever built.

No word on its 0-to-60 and 0-to-124 mph sprints, but it should be one of the quickest McLarens yet. We already know that it’s the fastest two-seater from the British firm thanks to a top speed of 218 mph.

Horsepower 4.0-liter V-8, twin-turbo
Horsepower 824 HP
Torque 590 LB-FT
Top Speed 218 mph

The McLaren Sabre is the most exclusive McLaren out there

The Sabre Is The Most Powerful Non-Hybrid Supercar McLaren Has Ever Built Exterior
- image 960592

Not only limited to the U.S. market, the Sabre is also limited to a production run of 15 units. This number makes it the most exclusive modern McLaren is we don’t exclude MSO-customized versions of regular production models. All 15 units are obviously sold out and each example has been personalized with specific input from its owner. McLaren says that each customer got to test the Sabre on a secret track day held at O’Gara Motorsport’s private race track and then they were asked to provide feedback on the design and engineering to Mclaren’s team in Woking, England.

Needless to say, we’re looking at a supercar that will attain collectible status the moment it leaves the factory. McLaren didn’t say how much it costs, but it’s safe to say that each customer paid in excess of $3 million for a Sabre.

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Today the McLaren Sabre, an exclusive new McLaren Special Operations (MSO) bespoke commission hypercar, makes its public debut. McLaren Beverly Hills will hand over the keys to the first of 15 customers to take delivery of the Sabre, with each customer having participated in the development process.

The McLaren Sabre is designed and homologated exclusively for the US market, stretching design, engineering and aerodynamic conventions to new limits.

Boasting the most powerful non-hybrid McLaren twin-turbo V8 engine to date, the Sabre has 824bhp and 590lb-ft of torque. A maximum speed of 218 mph makes it the fastest-ever two-seater McLaren.

The McLaren Sabre by MSO is the co-creation of its customers and McLaren Special Operations designers and engineers. There are just 15 examples, each tailored to exacting standards of personalization and – because the car has been homologated solely to US federal standards -featuring ideas and innovations that global homologation would not permit.

Earlier in the Fall, Sabre customers enjoyed a private test drive of a prototype version of their new car on track in Partnership with O’Gara Motorsport and McLaren Beverly Hills – but they have already experienced an immersive journey to get this far.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved with a number of very special cars and I’ve never seen a manufacturer give clients the level of access that McLaren Special Operations has provided for the Sabre,” commented Parris Mullins, Motorsport Director for O’Gara Motorsport

The Bespoke Commission customer experience includes a close working relationship with the MSO development team of designers, engineers and test drivers to ensure that the finished car would exactly match their desired and personalized concept.

“Everything from visiting the ‘skunkworks’ style design studio in the UK to flying out the actual development test mule for clients to get behind the wheel of and drive at a private track –these just aren’t things you typically get access to,” said Mullins.

The build process culminated with a highly exclusive and secret track day* for customers, held at the O’Gara facility inside the Thermal Club Private Race Track. Each owner was allowed to drive a development car multiple times throughout the day, while being coached from the right seat.

After returning from the drive, owners were sat down in a private room to give direct feedback via video chat to the design and engineering team back in Woking.

“We were extremely pleased with how the event went and were honored to support such an integral part of the customer journey for the Sabre,” said O’Gara Motorsport director, Parris Mullins. “And today we are thrilled to hand over the first McLaren Sabre to its new owner - this time, not just a client, more a customer who has been in part collaborator, designer and factory test driver as their dream came to reality”

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