Sat Nav helps with speeding

Sat Nav can be very helpful, now you can saved those speeding fines with an early warning via the sat nav.

The Sat Nav system that guarantees No Speeding Fines!

Electronic company Rossini have produced a new satellite navigation system! What is new there then? The system actually works and comes with a unique guarantee, they actually guarantee that yo will not be getting any more of those surprise speeding fines that just happen fall through the letter box every now and then which cost £60 a time.

How does it work, the system is loaded with some impressive software which includes over 24,000 speed trap locations on all of the 270,000 miles of road throughout the UK, if you are approaching a speed camera you get a verbal warning “Beware – Watch Your Speed” this is given around 500 metres before the camera giving you plenty of time to react safely. Yet the company is so sure that the system works that they offer a £60 cash back.

The system is updated regularly and when a software update is necessary you get an email to let you know and you can then easily update the sat nav at your leisure. This is a subscription free service and the unit is totally portable with a five hour battery life, so you can even use this when you are walking around town.

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