• The SCG 003S Will Come to the New York Auto Show With "320 Changes"

Apparently, these new modifications make the 003S “a better car on the road.”

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Let’s be frank for a moment – Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus isn’t exactly an automaker than anyone talks much about. It’s classified as a “low volume automaker,” but that’s probably only because there isn’t a smaller designation. Since the summer of 2017, when the company started building the 003S,it has produced just two customer examples and is currently working on the third. It’s not exactly a groundbreaking number. Be that as it may, it was just announced that the SCG003S is going to show up at the 2020 New York Auto Show with “over 320 changes” in place compared to the original car. It’s kind of a big deal, really.

What’s Changing with the SCG003S?

With just two cars on the road – if that’s what you would call it – you really wouldn’t expect the SCG003S to go under the knife for any type of facelift or substantial update. Yet, here we are with an announcement that there are more than 320 changes that will be shown off in New York this year. Unfortunately, James Glickenhaus didn’t elaborate on what changes have been made, but did say that they all “make it a better car on the road.” Of course, we’re pretty sure nobody – the two people that own one, anyway – actually drive this thing on the road, but anything that can make it better sounds good from any angle. The good news for current owners is that the company is going to retrofit the previous models to be inline with the third example that’s being produced right now. That sounds fair.

What is the SCG003S?

2016 SCG 003 Exterior
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The SCG003S landed at the Geneva Motor Show as a road-going interpretation of the SCG003. It is powered by a BMW-source 4.4-liter V-8 that’s good for 800 horsepower (700 at the wheels, according to SCG) and 627 pound-feet of torque. It was originally reported to be capable of as much as 1,550 pound of downforce at 155 mph, but SCG’s website claims it can produce 1,900 pounds of net downforce. It’s also able to pull 2 Gs on road tires. The 60-mph sprint comes in less than three seconds and top speed is said to be “in excess of 230 mph.” A full list of specs includes:

  • NHTSA Low Volume Compliant with a 17-digit VIN, at least 49 state legal
  • Carbon fiber chassis, body, and subframes
  • BMW 4.4 liter reverse flow twin turbo engine with racing dry-sump, with 700 HP at rear wheels
  • 1900 LBS of net down force and 2G’s of mechanical grip on road tires
  • Maximum speed in excess of 230 MPH
  • 0–60 MPH in under 3 seconds
  • Paddle shift Cima gearbox
  • Brembo carbon ceramic brakes
  • Forgeline centerlock wheels
  • Driver adjustable shocks with different settings for road and track
  • Race-inspired side mirrors with built-in side cameras and dashboard side mirror screens
  • Wooden sacrificial protective layer under front splitter and running the length of the bottom of the car
  • Driver operated front and rear lifters
  • Choice of exterior paint and interior leather or Alcantara colors
  • Optional clear-coated natural or tinted carbon fiber body ($115,000)
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