If there’s a car manufacturer that never seems to run out of ideas for special edition releases, the hands-down winner has to be the MINI. Despite having just a handful of different models, MINI almost always has new and unique ideas on how to turn their cars into special limited edition collectors items.

Just this year – in tune with the company’s 50 year anniversary – MINI has already released a slew of special vehicles including the Mayfair, the Camden and the John Cooper Edition. The response for these cars have been nothing short of overwhelming and while each car has their unique characteristics, MINI’s next brainchild of a special edition car has the potential to trump some – if not all – of its predecessors.

The next MINI to be fitted with such an esteemed title is going to be built with the assistance of the granddaddy of all luxury cars, Rolls Royce.

It’s actually not a new exercise for MINI to outfit their cars with re-worked interiors. This kind of customized manipulation goes far back to the 1960’s when almost every celebrity on the face of the Earth would have their own special edition MINI.

This time around, Rolls-Royce will play a big part in creating another exclusive edition MINI that lies in the same mold with plush line of luxury cars. While there have been no confirmed reports on what to expect with the Rolls Royce MINI, we’re all expecting nothing less than something spectacular. By that, we mean a smorgasbord of features that includes top-of-the-line leather upholstery, wood and metal trim elements, and ‘Roll Royce-esque’ dashboard elements that is sure to capture the essence of the luxury car.

We’re still not privy as to when this car is going to be released, but if we had a hand in coming up with a name for this car, then we can go ahead and just call it the ‘MINI Rolls’

Catchy, isn’t it?

Source: BMW working on Rolls-Royce custom Mini

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