The entire concept of brand extension may seem to have gotten out of hand, but the folks at BMW can’t be blamed. They’re just trying to make more money. First, it was the interiors on private jets. Now it’s coffee makers.
So what is it about these German car companies? First is was “Porsche Design.” Now it’s BMW. What will be next? Volkswagen toilet accessories?
The Starbucks Sirena Espresso machine was, in fact, styled by BMW Design Works, and its pitched as reminiscent of “BMW fine cars.” Presumably, by this analogy they do not wish to suggest that it’s ugly, though that would be a term applicable to many of the “BMW fine cars” recently produced by the man from Milwaukee, Mr. Bangle. No, what they mean is that it produces the “perfect shot of espresso” every time. 
Of course, BMW and Starbucks are bringing up the rear on this one. Both tha Lamborghini coffee maker and the Bugatti espresso machine beat them to this burgeoning market. 
How much?

Source: Appliancist

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