• The Stig uncovered!

The Stig is one of the best ideas in competition because no one can accuse the test resultsof being bias. For example if everyone knew Colin McRae (may he rest in peace) was Top Gear’s test driver, then people could assume that he drove the Subarus better than the Mitsubishis because he was loyal to his former team. The Stig levels the field. Everyone has a hard time disputing the driver’s results because no one knows who he is.

The only downside is that we are constantly wondering who is behind the mask. We have speculated a few different times about the identity of Top Gear’s Stig, but now it there is some pretty damming evidence published by a reputable newspaper. We won’t spoil it for everyone here, but hit the jump if you want to possibly meet Top Gear TV’s fourth member.

Ben Collins has been outed as The Stig. Collins is a 33 years-old professional stuntman who has raced Formula Three, Le Mans, GT and NASCAR.

The Stig uncovered!
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It seems Collins asked a Bristol gallery to produce a limited-edition print of The Stig in action. Gallery owner Simon Whitehead said, "I was absolutely amazed when he said he was The Stig, it was quite a big thing in a weird way."

This was further backed when a builder admitted that when he did some work on Collins’ house, he found the famous white racing suit in a cabinet.

This isn’t the first time Collins has been suspected of being The Stig, but if these stories are true, then the secret is over.

The identity of The Stig is a closely guarded secret, and whoever is the actual Stig has good motivation to keep it. Perry McCarthy was the first Stig (black Stig), and he was "killed off" once his identity was no longer a secret.

Source: Telegraph

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  (6) posted on 08.23.2010

Like Myles said, this never happened! We don’t know who is the Stig and we will never know!!

  (2) posted on 01.19.2009

am sure that ben collins is not the stig if u type in on google stig without mask there is pictures on websites, wen he done a photoshoot in london however due to the uv lights u could see through it. However, on youtube there is a clip of the stig talking and the 2 voices do sound smiliar.

Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 01.19.2009

I liked it better when it was a secret. I’ll just continue to pretend I never read/researched/wrote this.

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