• The Tesla Cybertruck Has Everyone’s Attention, But What I Really Want Is the Cyberquad

Yes, that’s its name, and can Tesla build it now, please?

The Tesla Cybertruck is justifiably garnering a lot of the attention today, but just because that’s the case, that doesn’t mean we should completely ignore its little companion.

Revealed late in the Cybertruck’s debut is the Tesla ATV that we now know is called the Cyberquad. The ATV was unveiled largely as a late-game surprise to show that it could fit in the 6.5-foot bed of the Cybertruck. There are currently no plans to build it, but if Tesla had the temerity to build flamethrowers, surely the door isn’t closed on the possibility of seeing the Cyberquad come to life, right? Right?

The Tesla Cyberquad made a dramatic appearance at the unveiling of the Cybertruck, and you could argue that the four-wheeled ATV received an even bigger pop than the star of the show. Maybe because it was a completely unexpected reveal, or maybe because the Cyberquad — that’s what Tesla calls it — deserved the reception it received. Maybe it’s even a combination of both. Whatever the reason was, the Cyberquad captured the people’s attention for the right reasons, even if the reception wasn’t as raucous as the time Tesla rolled out the next-generation Roadster out of the Tesla Semi prototype when the latter was unveiled in 2017.


This leads to one of the most asked questions of the night. Is Tesla building the Cyberquad? The California automaker has so far declined to comment on that possibility, but given that Tesla has a history of listening to the people’s clamouring, don’t be surprised if the Cyberquad ends up becoming a real thing.

The ATV community would definitely welcome the Cyberquad — and Tesla — into its ranks.

Tesla didn’t reveal any details about the quad bike, but we did see it long enough to know that it carried similar design characteristics to the Cybertruck. The stealthy design showed off some futuristic lines and unless our eyes deceived us, the Cyberquad’s body looks like it’s made from the same ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel material that you can see in the Cybertruck and the Starship rocket. The Cyberquad also has a miniaturized version of the LED lighting apparatus that you can see in the Cybertruck.

The exposed suspension setup was barely visible, but I don’t doubt that Tesla has that section of the Cyberquad covered as well. And as far as powertrain goes, the Cyberquad is all-electric. That leads to a lot of interesting propositions on what kind of battery pack it’s carrying, and, subsequently, the amount of power and range it provides.


For what it’s worth, Daymak’s all-electric Beast ATV Ultimate comes with the distinction of being the longest-range electric all-wheel drive ATV on the market today. It’s powered by a 60-V, 40-Ah lithium-ion battery that sits on board as a backup. In standard form, the setup gives the Beast ATV Ultimate a range of up to 62 miles. But that range can increase to 223 miles if you want to install seven extra batteries into the ATV.

It’s hard to imagine Tesla developing the Cyberquad without knowing which models to target in the ATV market. That should give us hints on what the Tesla ATV is capable of, in the event it ends up in production. But before we start daydreaming of the day when we can have fun in the outdoors with the Cyberquad, Tesla needs to answer what everyone’s asking about.

Are you going to offer it in the market?

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