• The Tesla Cybertruck’s Graffiti-Style Font has "Merchandise" Written All Over It

From t-shirts to mugs to whatever Tesla can think of, that font can cash its own checks

Tesla is not above trying to monetize anything that it thinks will make money. Now that the all-electric Cybertruck has been revealed, you can be sure that the California automaker will find ways to generate supplementary income when opportunities present themselves.

It just so happens that one of those opportunities is already sitting in Tesla’s lap. No, it’s not the Cybertruck itself. It’s not even the Cyberquad. It’s the Cybertruck’s graffiti-style name. If you don’t think Tesla’s not above making money off of a font, wait a few months and check the company’s online shop. You might find a t-shirt with your exact size in it.

It sounds silly to think about, but it’s really not. With all the buzz the Tesla Cybertruck is generating, it’s only normal for Tesla to capitalize on the attention and try to find a way to monetize it. The automaker has shown that it’s not above selling merchandise if it sees an opportunity to do so. Remember the Tesla Plaid t-shirt that’s still on sale on the company’s online shop? That’s the kind of thing that Tesla’s capable of doing and you can be sure that it’s already thinking of ways on how it can do the same with the Cybertruck.

One of those ways is to use the Cybertruck’s graffiti-style font. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

It’s the first time that Tesla has used that kind of font on any of its models, and if you’re a fan of street art, you know that anything involving graffiti catches a lot of attention. Combine that with all the attention on the Cybertruck and the merchandise that Tesla makes out of it will be hot ticket items.

The Tesla Cybertruck's Graffiti-Style Font has "Merchandise" Written All Over It
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Seriously, a t-shirt with the Cybertruck’s graffiti-style font plastered in front of it is going to sell.

Tesla can do the same with hats, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, shorts, pants, and just about every conceivable fashion wear. Don’t be surprised if Tesla sells underwear with the font emblazoned on the elastic waistbands.

It’s not just apparel, either. Tesla can make accessories using the font as the key selling point. From backpacks, wallets, mobile phone cases, and maybe even water jugs. There is a multitude of ways that Tesla can go about generating money off of the Cybertruck’s graffiti-style font.

Some people might scoff at the idea, but it’s not because it’s a bad idea. It’s actually a great idea, one that Tesla is known for capitalizing numerous times in the past. If Tesla can even expedite the whole process of manufacturing these merchandise items, you might end up receiving one for the upcoming holiday season.

So if anyone out there is interested, I’m a large in the shirt department and I prefer shoulder bags over backpacks.

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