For such a tech-savvy car, it’s a little embarrassing to enter the party this late

Tesla cars are known not only for their electric powertrains, but also for the amount of technology they offer. You’d expect Tesla to be at the zenith when it comes to offering high-tech features, but surprisingly, that was not the case with a few things.

But, Tesla has finally introduced it. We’re talking about two features here – wireless charging and USB C-ports. The automaker has finally decided to offer it on its entry-level EV. Better late than never, right?

The Features Have Finally Made It In Here

The Tesla Model 3 Enters Modern Times With Wireless Phone Charger and USB-C Ports
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When Tesla introduced the Model Y earlier this year, it came with wireless charging as standard. Considering that the feature is now available in cars that are half its price, it didn’t come as a surprise. However, given that the Model Y’s interior is almost identical to the Model 3’s, it was expected that Tesla would offer them on the Model 3 immediately. Last month, Tesla added both these features on the Chinese-made Model 3s, but the ones built in the U.S. still eluded them. But that has finally changed.

Bryan Finnegan, the owner of a brand-new Model 3, took delivery of his car earlier this week and shared images with Electrek to confirm that the Qi wireless charger and a pair of USB C-ports have been equipped on the U.S.-built models as well.

The Tesla Model 3 Enters Modern Times With Wireless Phone Charger and USB-C Ports
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On the bright side, the Model 3s manufactured at the Fremont facility got a price cut of $2,000, bringing the price to under $40,000. There is no word on a change in price post the introduction of these two features. The Chinese Model 3 didn’t receive the price cut, though.

Final Thoughts

The Tesla Model 3 Enters Modern Times With Wireless Phone Charger and USB-C Ports Exterior
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If you own a Model 3s built before June, you can buy the wireless charging pad from Tesla for $125. You can even buy it from aftermarket companies like Jeda for a much lesser price. For the USB C-ports, however, all you can do is buy a hub and use it. It obviously won’t have the fit and finish of the built-in ports.

These upgrades are most likely a part of Tesla’s plan to boost the sales back after a 21-percent decrease in the sales figure during the COVID-19 period. Even so, it still did better than what the market analysts had predicted. Tesla should’ve offered them a long while back, but at least we get them now.

What other feature do you think Tesla should offer as standard on the Model 3 without increasing its price? Let us know in the comments section below.

Tesla Model 3 specifications
Performance Dual Motor Long Range Dual Motor Standard Plus Rear-Wheel
Acceleration 0-60 mph 3.2s 4.4 s 5.3 s
Range 310 miles 322 miles 250 miles
Top Speed 162 mph 145 mph 140 mph
Wheels 20" Performance Wheels 18" Aero Wheels 19" Aero Wheels 18" Aero Wheels 19" Aero Wheels

Source: Electrek

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