• The Tesla Model 3 Outperforms the Porsche Taycan In the Moose Test

Porsche May Have Oversold that Taycan’s "Sports Car-Like Agility"

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Despite the price disparity, the Porsche Taycan and Tesla’s cars cannot coexist in peace. The Porsche Taycan has had to go up against multiple Tesla models on various occasions.

Recently, the Tesla Model S managed to come in line with the Porsche Taycan performance, courtesy of the Cheetah Stance. Now, the Taycan fell short of Tesla Model 3’s Moose Test speed. The Taycan just can’t catch a break.

What Does This Say About The Taycan’s Handling?

The Tesla Model 3 Outperforms the Porsche Taycan In the Moose Test
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Km77.com uploaded a video of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S taking a moose test. Cones are set up at a certain distance and the car needs to swerve in an S-shape without hitting the obstacles, which are generally cones. Although it did pretty well with a successful entry speed of 78 km/h (48 mph), it was expected to do much better since the Taycan is said to be quite agile and has the Porsche DNA, which means it arguably has the best handling in the segment. But, in all fairness, the car is pretty wide and heavy.

This wouldn’t have mattered if the Tesla Model 3 hadn’t successfully completed the moose test with better speed.

Km77 conducted the same test with the Tesla Model 3 last year and it recorded a successful entry speed of 83 km/h (51.6 mph); 5 km/h more than the three times more expensive Porsche Taycan Turbo S


The Tesla Model 3 Outperforms the Porsche Taycan In the Moose Test
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Back then, the drivers who conducted the test noted that the Model 3’s regenerative braking and floor-mounted battery pack made it a much better handler during sharp swerves.

Final Thoughts

The Tesla Model 3 Outperforms the Porsche Taycan In the Moose Test
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Tesla is getting better with every over-the-air update and is matching the Taycan in all the departments. Some folks may argue that each Tesla model is competing the Porsche only in a single aspect – Model S matching in terms of performance, Model 3 in terms of agility, whereas the Taycan is an all-rounder. But, the funny thing is you can get yourself a Model S and a Model 3 for the price of a Taycan! I’m not sure if anyone would actually do it, but it wouldn’t be the worst idea, honestly.

If you had to make a choice, would you buy a Porsche Taycan or a Model S and a Model 3? Let us know in the comments section below.

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