Both these models have been long in the tooth and a refresh could give the sales volume a boost

While Tesla keeps rolling out over-the-air updates frequently, it has never really refreshed the Model S and the Model X. The Model 3 is an exception, but even that didn’t come with any major changes. There have been no real facelifts so far, no new generations; just software updates. It didn’t matter until now because none of its products had real competition, but it looks like times are changing and Tesla is feeling the heat.

According to Electrek, Tesla is planning to refresh the Model S and the Model X after all. The production lines for these two models have been shut down longer than expected, thus hinting at a design refresh. High time!

Minimalism Has An Expiry Date, Too

The Tesla Model S and Model X Might Get Refreshed After All Exterior
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Electric vehicles are generally loud and bold, but that’s not the case with Tesla models. At a time when there are equally competitive options to choose from, aesthetics play a role, too. The Model S and the Model X have been long in the tooth and it looks like the automaker feels the same.

Tesla had shut down the Model S and Model X assembly lines at the end of last year and extended it to January.

This seems suspicious because even though the sales are dropping, both the cars are fairly popular. The extended break on the assembly lines could also mean that they are getting updated for the refreshed models.

Tesla Model S 100D Long Range Tesla Model S 100D Performance
Horsepower 417 762
0 to 60 mph 3.7 2.4
Top Speed 155 mph 163 mph
The Tesla Model S and Model X Might Get Refreshed After All Exterior
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Electrek has reported that the employees have been instructed to liquidate the existing Model S and Model X inventory by the end of this month. Given that this is happening at the start of a new quarter, it only fuels the rumors of a refresh. The automaker had also said that the Model S Plaid, the deliveries for which are expected to begin in late 2021, is also going to require several important changes to the existing model.

The Tesla Model S and Model X Might Get Refreshed After All Exterior
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With the Model 3 recently refreshed and the Model Y being fairly new, Tesla has now finally decided to update these two flagship models. Last year, the publication had also reported that Tesla is working on a new project called “Palladium” which involves some important updates to these two models. If you connect the dots, everything seems to fall in place. Hopefully, this news is true and we get to see the refreshed Model S and the Model X soon.

Range Top Speed 0-60 mph Price
Tesla Model X Long Range AWD 295 155 mph 4.7 seconds $88,000
Tesla Model X Performance 289 155 mph 2.8 seconds $104,000
Tesla Model S Standard Range 270 140 mph 4.2 seconds $69,750
Tesla Model S Long Range 402 155 mph 4.1 seconds $73.750
Tesla Model S Performance 315 155 mph 3.0 seconds $89,750

Source: Electrek

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