• The Tesla Model S Floats In Water – Wait, What?

This definitely falls into the "do not try at home" category

So, what’s the deal with Tesla and the odd features it puts into cars? First, we see the Model X and the demonstration of its “bioweapon defense mode,” then there’s a hack for the Model S that shows a Lotus Esprit submarine car on the display screen. Well, as it turns out, the latter is actually a hint towards a hidden capability of the Model S. Before you get too excited, don’t just go thinking you can plunge the Model S into water and cruise the bottom of the ocean. Furthermore, I wouldn’t really recommend testing this feature unless it’s absolutely necessary, but here it is – the Model S can actually float in water.

So far, this was rather unheard of until the video you see above was released on YouTube after being filmed in Kazakhstan. Without ruining the whole video for you, the Model S does go pretty deep in some water and makes it through a spot that other cars simply couldn’t. After the release of the video, Elon Musk – who is known for announcing things on Twitter – made a subtle post saying “We *def* don’t recommended this, but Model S floats well enough to turn it into a boat for short periods of time. Thrust via wheel rotation.”

Of course, the Model S isn’t the first car with this capability, as there was a model back in the day – known as the Amphicar – that really did double as a boat. Be that as it may, the Model S can get you through some deep water in a jam. To add to the fact, Musk also tweeted that he’s still planning a sports sub car than can actually drive on the road and safely make the transition into water.

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Further Thinking

As a warning, don’t try floating your Model S across even a short stretch of flooded road, and please don’t be the first one to attempt launching it at a boat launch. Most insurance policies won’t cover damage caused by driving across flooded roads, and Tesla’s warranty won’t cover it either. It has been pointed out that the Model S is sealed well enough to handle the water, but don’t confuse that with real capability. It probably won’t take long for the Model S to start sinking, and if you’re seeing money signs and thinking lawsuit, just don’t. There are enough crazy lawsuits against Tesla from people who don’t want to pay for their mistakes. Don’t be the next person we make fun of.

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