Tesla ensures that your car is guarded even in harsh climate conditions

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Tesla cars are loaded with weird, unorthodox features and gimmicks. But there are some of them which are absolutely fantastic, one of them being the Sentry mode. There have been numerous instances in the past where the Sentry mode has recorded suspicious activities done to and around the car and has proved very helpful. Thanks to this post on Reddit, we’ve now come across another nifty little feature that helps keep the Sentry mode on guard even in the toughest conditions – a heater that melts away the snow on it.

2020 Tesla Model Y
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Posted on the r/teslamotors group on Reddit, the image shows a Tesla Model Y covered in a snow blanket except for a little square pocket on the windshield. It looks like only the bit around the camera is the heated area so that the camera can stay vigilant and allow the Sentry mode to do its duty without any hindrance.

While there are no specifics yet as to how it works, it has been noted by some users that there are defrosting lines around it that work on a separate circuit from the rest of the lines. This could be to clear out the fog and snow that obstructing the camera’s view only and not waste energy heating up the whole windshield. There is also a conundrum if this works only when the Sentry mode is activated. However, some users mentioned that the system is activated all the time for the “Smart Summon” feature to work.

Camera Melts Snow when Sentry Mode is On 😆 from r/teslamotors

It’s no secret that there are people out there who hate electric cars. The Sentry mode has played a big role in getting hold of folks who try to vandalize a parked Tesla for illogical reasons. From scratching the car while walking past it to trying to unplug its charger, we’ve seen it all, thanks to the Sentry mode. This shows what an important role this mode plays in guarding the car when you’re not around it.

2020 Tesla Model Y
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The heater/defrosting line around it is a nice little touch by Tesla and will go on to become a default feature in cars that support self-driving to keep the sensors and cameras working even in the harshest climates.

Tesla Model Y specifications
Long Range Performance
0-60 mph 4.8 seconds 3.5 seconds
Range Per Charge 316 miles 315 miles
Top Speed 135 mph 145 mph
Drivetrain Dual motor setup and all-wheel-drive Dual motor setup and all-wheel-drive
Price $52,990 $60,990
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2020 Tesla Model Y

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