• The Tesla Model Y With Track Mode Can Straighten Curves Like Nobody’s Business

With the announcement of a Track Mode and other goodies, the Model Y is back in the news again

The Tesla Owners Silicon Valley group asked Elon Musk on Twitter if the company has plans to launch a Track Mode for the Model Y and the CEO replied in the affirmative. Despite a few flaws in its build and build quality, the Model Y has started well and is raking in good sales numbers for Tesla. So, the addition of a Track Mode will lure a lot more people and make this a complete package overall.

Track Mode Will Be A Great Addition To The Model Y

The Tesla Model Y With Track Mode Can Straighten Curves Like Nobody's Business
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Crossovers and SUVs aren’t regarded as good track performers, purely because of their high center of gravity and body roll when compared to sedans or coupes. But, surprisingly, the Model Y handles quite well on the track.

The Model Y has become a runaway success for Tesla and the addition of Track Mode will further make it more versatile.

Since the Model Y is essentially a Model 3 in crossover guise, it will perform almost as well as the Model 3 on the track. There’s no word on which trims will receive the Track Mode, but it will most likely be limited to the Performance trim.

Earlier this year, Tesla launched the Track Mode V2 for the Model 3 along with a new track package. The update gave customers the freedom to play around with the settings like adjusting the power delivery to the front or rear axles, stability assist, regenerative braking, etc. If a similar version is launched for the Model Y, it will be a hit for sure.

Model Y Sees A Price Cut

The Tesla Model Y With Track Mode Can Straighten Curves Like Nobody's Business
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After slashing the prices of the Model S, Model 3, and Model X, Tesla has given the Model Y a price reduction as well.

The automaker has lowered the price of the Long Range All-Wheel-Drive trim by $3,000, which brings the price to $49,990. Despite the factory being shut down in the second quarter of 2020, Tesla managed to move over 80,000 copies of the Model Y and Model 3 combined, and 10,600 copies of the Model S and Model X. With this price reduction, the automaker will move a lot more copies soon.

Long Range Single Motor In Place Of Standard Range Model Y

The Tesla Model Y With Track Mode Can Straighten Curves Like Nobody's Business
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Tesla had plans to introduce a Standard Range Model Y, but it looks like that plan is scrapped. Instead, the automaker will build a Long Range Single Motor Model Y.

This was done because Musk expected an EPA-estimate range of under 250 miles for the Standard Range and it wasn’t enough to be streamlined. He said that the Long Range Single Motor Model Y will be launched in a few months and it "improves affordability, while still keeping the product excellent." Expect this rear-wheel-drive model to deliver more than 300 miles.

Tesla also increased the range of the Model Y Performance by 11 miles. The trim is now rated at 291 miles as opposed to the previously 280-mile range.

This comes courtesy of the 21-inch Überturbine wheels. The company website also mentions that the top speed is increased from 135 miles per hour to 155 mph. It even includes performance brakes, lowered suspension, and aluminum alloy pedals. Quite a few additions there.

Final Thoughts

The Tesla Model Y With Track Mode Can Straighten Curves Like Nobody's Business
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The Track Mode package on the Model 3 is priced at $5,500 and includes wheels, tires, fluids, and a couple more things like an accelerometer, a G-force meter, satellite maps, video recorder, etc. We’ll have to wait for the next announcement from the EV mogul to know what exactly this Track Mode will be on the Model Y.

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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