33 weeks ago, I convinced my boss to let me sit in front of a microphone with two other hooligans and yell at each other for an hour or so about cars. We called it the TopSpeed Podcast and it was good. It was so good in-fact that 225 days later we are still doing it. We are glad that you guys keep listening, commenting and allowing us to continue doing this thing every week.

With that out of the way, I do have to apologize because there will be no show this week. Mark is out driving some cool new cars, Justin is trying to catch up from his vacation time, and I am taking a little bit of time to sit on the beach and relax. That means that Episode 033 of the TopSpeed Podcast will have to wait until next week. I know a lot of you guys have become regulars and can’t wait for the show every week, but occasionally we just won’t be able to make a show or two. I do apologize, but I promise to make it up to you.

It will be a week late, but the next show should be incredible. I have been driving the Porsche 911, Justin had one of the sportiest crossovers you can buy, and Mark spent a few days beating on basically every single truck and SUV you can buy in the USA. Plus Ferrari announced a brand new car, we have renders of the upcoming Zora ZR1 Corvette, and there have been a whole collection of exciting spy shots to come out over the last week.

Thanks for sticking it out with us for the last seven months. Now take a week off and enjoy yourselves. We will see you next Thursday.


Christian Moe
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