• The Toyota BZ4X Launches in Mid-2022 With Just over 200 Horsepower and Decent Range

The BZ4X is Toyota’s first major step into electrification and will offer up to 250 miles of range

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Toyota might not be the company that’s most critical of combating climate change and was recently ranked as the third most resistant to climate change polices, but that doesn’t mean it’s not inching its way into electrification. The very first step in the brand’s transformation is the BZ4X, which was revealed as a concept earlier this year and is now scheduled to arrive at dealers in production form by mid-2022 as a 2023 model. Now, we’ve learned just what the production model will offer, and it’s not that bad at all.

What You Need to Know About the 2023 Toyota BZ4X

The Toyota BZ4X Launches in Mid-2022 With Just over 200 Horsepower and Decent Range Exterior
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Up to this point, the most interesting thing we’ve learned about the BZ4X is that it will be the first Toyota to offer steer-by-wire and it’ll even be offered with a Tesla-like steering yoke. We also know that it’s riding on Toyota’s new e-TNGA platform that is built specifically for electric vehicles, the BZ4X being the first of many more to come. Toyota has equipped the BZ4X with a lithium-ion battery pack beneath the floor. According to Toyota, the battery has been positioned within a cross-framing structure that increases the vehicles rigidity while also protecting the pack. Some parts of the body structure, the rear suspension, and frame components around the battery are made from high tensile steel for added strength and protection.

The Toyota BZ4X Launches in Mid-2022 With Just over 200 Horsepower and Decent Range Exterior
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As for powertrain options, well, there will be two different setups to choose from at launch. You’ll be able to opt for FWD or AWD driveline, with the AWD being just a bit more powerful than the FWD model. In FWD guise, you’ll get a single motor on the front axle that’s good for 201 horsepower (150 kW). The AWD mode is equipped with identical motors in the front and rear, but these motors are only rated at 107 horsepower (80 kW) each, with total system output pegged at 215 ponies. To me, this feels like a missed opportunity as the BZ4X could have easily been offered with a little over 300 horsepower with same 201-horsepower motor in the front or even more than 400 ponies with two of those motors.

Toyota BZ4X Specifications
Front Motor Output 201 hp (150 kW) 107 hp  (80 kW)
Rear Motor Output NA 107 hp (80 kW)
Total System Output 201 hp (150 kW) 215 hp (160 kW)
Battery Capacity 71.4 kWh 72.8 kWh
Estimated Range 250 miles TBD
The Toyota BZ4X Launches in Mid-2022 With Just over 200 Horsepower and Decent Range Exterior
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The battery capacity and size of the BZ4X, though, is most likely the limiting factor. The FWD mode will feature a 71.4-kWh battery while the AWD model has a 72.8-kWh battery. Toyota estimates range of the FWD model at 250 miles but will announce range for the AWD model at a later date. We’d expect maybe 200-220 miles at most for the AWD model, but since the combination of the two motors isn’t much more than the single FWD motor, range might not take much of a hit. Toyota claims that the AWD model will also feature X-Mode, which will provide extra traction during light off-roading, and there’s a Grip-Control feature that will enable a torque vectoring of sorts between the motors to increase performance when cornering.

Toyota BZ4X Dimensions
Length 184.6 inches
Width 73.2 inches
Height 64.9 inches (including antenna)
Wheelbase 112.2 inches
Cabin Length 76.4 inches
Cabin Width 59.6 inches
Cabin Height 45.0 inches
Seating Capacity 5
Weight FWD: 4,232 pounds AWD: 4,420 pounds
The Toyota BZ4X Launches in Mid-2022 With Just over 200 Horsepower and Decent Range Exterior
- image 1033348

Overall, the exterior appearance is exactly what we saw on the concept, however the production mode will measure out at 184.6-inches long, 73.2-inches wide, and 64.9-inches tall, making it about the same size as a BMW X3 with exception of width where it’s quite a bit smaller. The interior of the BZ4x features a unique interior with a large infotainment display hovering over the center console, a smaller digital instrument cluster and a multi-tiered dash. The cabin is only 76.4-inches longer, 59.6-inches wide, and 45.0-inches high, yet oddly looks spacious and can seat five people. Interior amenities include Type-A and Type-C USB ports and a dual-pane panoramic roof. Then you’ve got some firsts like the radiant foot-and-leg heater for front seat passengers that’s combined with heated seats and steering wheel. The BZ4X does feature a heat pump for warming and cooling the cabin.

The Toyota BZ4X will launch in mid-2022 as a 2023 model and is the first of 15 global EVs Toyota will be launching in the near future.

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