The Traffic Agency of Spain is analyzing the possibility of ban the use of GPS systems, because of the risk that lead the handling of them while driving.

At the moment, the DGT made a warning and they will let the own drivers be the ones that use they common sense into the use of this gadgets, planning stop spots and not using them while driving. If this doesn’t work, and if they believe that GPS systems put in danger the safety of the drivers and people on the streets, they will forbid the manipulation, like they have already done with cell phones.

In my opinion, it’s a right decision, in a moment of a possible crash, u loose valuable seconds, that can prevent a disaster.

What do u think?, it’s this correct to you or u think its abusive from them to do that?

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pdaix  (433) posted on 01.25.2007

that could be a serious blow to the GPS business in Europe. I would expect a similar ban in the USA when the number of portable GPS devices reach the same numbers.

But by that time I presume all car will have onboard devices with speech guidance anyway smiley

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