• The Traxxas Chevy C10 R/C Drag Racer Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Details are scarce but this is shaping up like an awesome R/C car

Traxxas just released a new set of photos of its upcoming C10 R/C drag racer and we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for this miniature pickup dragster to make its debut.

The Traxxas Chevy C10 R/C Drag Racer Is What Dreams Are Made Of
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Traxxas’ portfolio has expanded over the years to include boats, buggies, monster trucks in either AWD or 2WD guise, stadium trucks, as well as road cars. The company also made a name for itself by offering high-performance R/C cars built out of quality components. In short, pretty much every gizmo you can buy from Traxxas looks good, goes fast, and can last a lifetime with proper care.

The Chevy C10 R/C drag racer in question is a bit of a mystery because Traxxas hasn’t shared specs or pricing info.

However, we know that it sits on the same platform as the brand’s longstanding Slash stadium truck, which means the sturdiness will be there.

We also expect similar size – the Slash truck is 22.3 inches long with a wheelbase of 13.2 inches and it tips the scales at 2.16 kilos (76.2 ounces).

Length 22.3 inches
Wheelbase 13.2 inches
Weight 2.16 kilos (76.2 ounces)
The Traxxas Chevy C10 R/C Drag Racer Is What Dreams Are Made Of
- image 985729

Power comes from Traxxas’ proprietary Titan 12T 550 electric motor and it reaches the wheels via a Metal Gear Magnum transmission for a top speed of over 30 mph. Give its drag racing purposes, the Chevy C10 radio-controlled dragster might be even faster than that, but then again, we’ll have to wait for extra details from Traxxas.

Obviously, the truck will be fitted with drag-specific bits and bobs and won’t feature the Slash’s high ground clearance. The pictures do show a special set of tires like we’ve often seen on real-life drag racers, with thin tires in the front and chunky, fat ones in the rear. A wheelie bar is also present, together with a body kit and the option to choose between six livery colors: black, white, red, green, blue, and purple.

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Source: Traxxas

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