The Upcoming DeLorean’s Full Length Light Bar Finally Reveals Itself
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The Upcoming DeLorean’s Full Length Light Bar Finally Reveals Itself

You’ve seen the gull-wing doors and the louvers of the upcoming EV already, here’s a proper look at the derriere set against a stunning red backdrop

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In more DeLorean news, the automaker has teased us with yet another clip that shows off the upcoming all-electric sports car’s full-length light bar and the backlit logo, set against a red backdrop. First we saw the gull-wing doors and the louvers, and now the light bar. The automaker sure knows how to keep the hype, eh?

Although this teaser only shows off the car in a poorly lit setting, (deliberate, I’m sure; this is a teaser after all), it is enough to reveal that the car’s overall form and silhouette carry the classic proportions of a traditional hypercar. The narrow passenger cell and those pronounced hips are telltale signs of what to expect from the upcoming EV. The DeLorean name has its weight in gold, especially given its Back To The Future connection, and folks both young and old seem to be excited about it.

The Upcoming DeLorean's Full Length Light Bar Finally Reveals Itself
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It seems that we’ll be seeing teasers of the upcoming car until then. Back in February, Delorean put out this image which showed off the gull-wing doors and what looks like the logo upfront

Now, we know that an all-electric DeLorean is in the works and will debut at this year’s Pebble Beach. But, one thing seems to have become apparent, we’ll be getting some sort of teaser every month until the official reveals in August. The automaker already teased us with what the front facia looks like back in February, followed by another teaser of the upcoming EV’s derriere, last month. May is upon us and this brings us to this latest teaser. Look closely and you should be able to a whiff of the louvers, and the full-length lightbar finally reveals itself.

If there's one aspect from the original that I'd personally like to see on the new car, it'd have to be that stainless steel look on the body.
The Upcoming DeLorean's Full Length Light Bar Finally Reveals Itself
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Last month, we got to see another snippet of the rear, where we got a closer look at the rear lighting arrangement and the louvers

I’m also happy that Giorgetto Giugiaro and Italdesign are collaborating on the new age DeLorean, as they did with the original car nearly four decades ago. It would once again help the DeLorean stand out in a sea of supercars for sure. I mean, this should at least be offered as an option. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next. On to the June teaser then. Watch this space.

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