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The USS Compensator is a Stretched Monster Limo

Jordan Foster from Keno, Oregon built out custom rig all by himself and that too on a tight budget.

Barcroft Cars featured Jordan Foster from Keno Oregon on Ridiculous rides, and his car, The USS Compensator, isn’t only ridiculous, but it’s unlike any Limo you’ve ever seen before.


The USS Compensator is a Stretched Monster Limo
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The Lincoln Town Car as we know serves as a popular car to stretch out as a Limo. But when was the last time you saw one fitted out with monster truck wheels and tires. Well, Jordan had just the idea and he set out to create the most impractical and bad-ass rig out there, because why not? And hence was born the USS Compensator, which takes the form of this street-legal lifted Limo. The Compensator is the unofficial tallest Lincoln Towncar, in the U.S.

The Mods

The USS Compensator is a Stretched Monster Limo
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He began by sourcing a 90’s Lincoln Towncar for $1200

Jordan began this project on a tight budget.

He sourced the Towncar for a mere $1200. It took Jordan, around three months of perilous 12 hour days to complete this monster build.

He pretty much built out this rig himself using nothing but a few hand tools, a welder’s flame, a plasma cutter, a grinder, and a slew of wrenches.

The USS Compensator is a Stretched Monster Limo
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Jordan says that the Compensator is a hobby that he managed to realize

In total, Jordan spent between $8000 to $10,000, including the price of the Limo, to complete this project. Under the hood lies a 4.6 Liter V-8 engine. The mods include heavy-duty Air-Ride suspension and military-grade tires, that Jordan bought off of eBay. They are 53 inches tall and 16 inches wide, and they perch on 20x14” wheels. The weight of a single tire is 380 pounds, with the wheel itself weighing another 55 pounds, which takes the gross weight at each corner over 400 pounds.

The USS Compensator handles like a Cruise Ship on Choppy Water. - Jordan Foster
The USS Compensator is a Stretched Monster Limo
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For instance, the Compensator can be a challenge to park and takes up to tww spots sometimes.

Jordan has added over 1600 pounds just to the driveline and chassis, with the custom shocks, tires, and colorful pro-shaft. As much as the fun quotient on the Compensator is pretty high off-road, it’s a whole other story on the pavement. Jordan says that Limo can be a challenge to use in the urban environment.

What’s it Like around Town?

The USS Compensator is a Stretched Monster Limo
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Jordan says that navigating this lifted limo in the urban setting is a completely different ballgame

Driving it around town can be pretty arduous, with having to constantly monitor blind spots and corners. This rig was already a challenge to park as a Limo, taking up two parking spots. And now that being a lifted one, navigating a drive-through is next to impossible, as the vehicle also maxes out the height bar.

To Sum it Up

The USS Compensator is a Stretched Monster Limo
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and it can easily navigate pretty much any kind of trail

Despite the setbacks and challenges of the Compensator, it’s Jordan’s passion for this truck that keeps him motivated to keep this rig going. This started out as a hobby and now, Jordan shares a sentimental value with this Limo. He’s even received offers to sell the Compensator, but Jordan said that he is unlikely to do so and will hang on to his pride and joy, with the six-foot-long horns upfront on the hood.

Check Out Jordan’s USS Compensator in action below

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