At the Tokyo Motor Show Volkswagen are presenting a prototype that could well make history as the most economical sports car of its time. The two basic figures: 3.4 litres per 100 km average consumption, and 230 kph top speed.

A sports car world wide, capable of 230 kph, that can reach 100 kph in 6.3 seconds and makes do with only 3.4 litres for 100 km would be the ultimate dream car for many motorists.

Thanks to its carbon-fibre (CFP) bodywork, the EcoRacer weighs only 850 kilograms and accelerates to 100 kph in a mere 6.3 seconds, driven through the DSG double-clutch transmission. This sports car, powered by a newly developed 100-kW turbo-diesel engine of the next generation, thus presents a forward-looking synthesis of austere economy and impressive performance. 230 kph, 6.3 seconds, 3.4 litres – vital statistics that are as unusual as they are fascinating! When driven with economy in mind, the car can even travel more than 1000 kilometres on one tank filling (30 litres).

And this prototype is anything but a show-room mock-up. It can be driven without restrictions, and serves as a technology test-bed. And the EcoRacer is also a versatile all-rounder: As soon as a door is opened, the roof wing above it swings up, giving optimal access. The entire T-bar roof is removable. The rear hatch can be removed. And, last but not least, the frame of the windscreen can be exchanged for a module with a short, upright pane. This makes the EcoRacer, firstly, a coupé, secondly, a roadster and, thirdly, a speedster.

Just as unique from the point of view of design as the whole body is the TDI engine of the EcoRacer. It is the future of the diesel engine. Clean, strong and very adaptable. The four-cylinder engine develops 100 kW /136 PS at 4000 rpm. Between 1900 and 3750 rpm, the 1484 cc four-valve unit develops a torque of more than 250 Newton metres.

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