• The Volkswagen ID X Concept Conquers The Hurdle Into High-Performance Compact EVs

The ID X looks like a proper hot hatch, and it performs like one too!

Volkswagen has a plan to slap its EV performance badge – aka GTX – on every single model in its electric fleet. This means that everything from compact cars to sedans and SUVs will all be offered with a higher level performance in their top trims. Thanks to Volkswagen’s CEO, Ralf Brandstätter, we might know what the brand’s first hot hatch will be, and it’s not what you’re thinking….or maybe it is.

Meet the Volkswagen ID X Concept – A Hot Hatch That Gives VW A New Leg To Stand On

The Volkswagen ID X Concept Conquers The Hurdle Into High-Performance Compact EVs
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Following the reveal of the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX and the accompanying teaser of the ID.5 GTX, we learned that Volkswagen is looking to GTX every model in its future lineup. We’re not here to talk about the potential for an ID.3 convertible, but remember when we told you that electric vehicles will allow VW to be a performance brand? That was the same time the world learned that the company was hopping for its next hot model to be a more potent ID.3. Well, that day has come…..or might be on the horizon, at the very least.

The images you see here are of the Volkswagen ID X Concept – basically a high-performance version of the ID. 3 that will likely go by the name ID.3 GTX once it enters production. Volkswagen’s CEO didn’t share a lot of information with us, but we do know that the ID X is more powerful than anything the standard ID. 3 can offer. According to his post on LinkedIn, it delivers a cool 329 horsepower, a figure that puts it 128 ponies above the most powerful version of the ID. 3 today and 27 ponies more powerful than the ID.4 GTX!

The Volkswagen ID X Concept Conquers The Hurdle Into High-Performance Compact EVs
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And, while the ID. 3 is rear-driven only, the ID.3 GTX will borrow something from its bigger brother: the four-wheel-drive system. It was said that the ID. 3’s standard MEB bones couldn’t support the AWD system, so it’s possible that the IDX may come with the compromise of either luggage or passenger space to make room for the extra components underneath. It’s apparently some 200 kg lighter than the ID. 3 too, but how it managed to lose so much weight with the addition of AWD is a huge mystery.

The Volkswagen ID X Concept Conquers The Hurdle Into High-Performance Compact EVs
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So what kind of on-road performance specs can you expect? Well, following a test drive, Brandstatter has said that the ID X can hit 62 mph from rest in 5.3 seconds. To put this into perspective the MK.8 Golf GTI Clubsport makes the same sprint in 5.6 seconds, so this is basically an electric Golf GTI with an attitude The concept even has a dedicated drift mode just like the brand-new Mk.8 Golf R. As with all things in life, you have to take the good with the bad, and the bad is that Volkswagen may not put the Concept X into production. According to Brandstatter, the company will “take up many ideas” from the project, but it was only created because engineers “have discovered the fun of developing high-performance electrics cars, and so we just let them do it.” Then again, that could just be a ploy to not set too many expectations as we know a hotter version of the ID. 3 will eventually come along. Here’s to hoping it’ll be a lot like the Concept X!

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