• The Volkswagen ID.3 Isn’t Coming to the States, But This ID.4 Is!

But each of them is a cog in Volkswagen’s grand electrification plan

Ironically, the Dieselgate mishap is what triggered a downright electric revolution within the Volkswagen Group. Just take a step back and observe just how big of a fuss (the be translated into effort of all sorts - investments, marketing, and logistics) the giant is making about its electrified future. Porsche has its first-ever electric sports car, Audi is coming in hot with e-tron badged EVs, and of course, Volkswagen has just unveiled the ID.3, a third-coming model that the company hopes to enjoy just as much popularity as the Beetle and the Golf.

We’ll see about that in the years to come, but the ID.3 won’t be alone for long. Volkswagen will also pull the ID.4 out of its magic ha,t and U.S. residents will want to hear that: it is coming Stateside.

Tell me more about this Volkswagen ID.4…

The Volkswagen ID.3 Isn't Coming to the States, But This ID.4 Is!
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You know what they say, one thing leads to another. It’s the same with Dieselgate and VW’s electrification ambitions. On a more micro scale, it’s the same with the ID.3 and ID.4.

The latter was already previewed by the I.D. Crozz concept, an SUV-coupe-shaped EV with an open space interior that would rely on a system power of 225 kW (302 horsepower) generated by two electric motors.

4Motion all-wheel-drive, a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph), and up to 500 km (310 miles) of max range on a single charge were some of the features Volkswagen paraded when the I.D. Crozz hit the online news outlets. Oh, and we almost forgot: the all-electric crossover would have the same handling abilities as the Golf GTI (well, that’s optimistic) thanks to electronically-controlled dampers and re-engineered MacPherson struts. So there’s that.

In other news, Volkswagen brought a heavy-camouflaged ID.4 at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, and we learned from Autocar that the electric SUV will, indeed, be based on the I.D. Crozz and “is set to lead the ID range’s offensive in the U.S." The same outlet says the Kia e-Niro’s rival will go into production next year.

Visually, it’s not hard to look through the camouflage to spot that there are a lot of similarities to the I.D. Crozz concept regarding shape and proportions.

Even more interesting is that Volkswagen will likely offer two versions of the ID.4.

The Volkswagen ID.3 Isn't Coming to the States, But This ID.4 Is!
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That’s right; we’re not getting rid of the SUV-coupe shape, so that’s variant numero uno. Numero dos, on the other hand, will sport a more boxy, traditional SUV shape, roofline, and tailgate. What you can kiss goodbye, however, is the sliding rear door arrangement proposed by the concept, as the road-going vehicle will use regular doors.

Size-wise, the I.D. Crozz prototype was 4,625 millimeters long, 1,891 millimeters wide, and 1,609 millimeters tall, which placed it right in-between the likes of Tiguan and Tiguan Allspace. In this regard, we expect the ID.4 to adhere, more or less, by these dimensions as well.

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz exterior dimensions
Wheelbase (Inches) 109.2
Length (Inches) 182.1
Width (Inches) 74.4
Height (Inches) 63.3

What about the ID.4’s powertrain?

The Volkswagen ID.3 Isn't Coming to the States, But This ID.4 Is!
- image 861827

All we can do at this point is speculate, but the ID.3 could also be a good indication of what to expect from the ID.4. Given its crossover ethos, bigger size, and extra weight, the 45-kWh battery pack that powers the entry-level ID.3 would simply be surplus to requirements. However, the ID.3 will also be fitted with a 77-kWh battery pack which should be just right for the ID.4.

There’s even a slight chance that a lesser variant of the ID.4 embraces the 58-kWh battery that’s also available for the ID.3.

Nonetheless, the largest battery pack of the bunch is said to deliver a max range of 341 miles (550 kilometers), which makes it, once again, the prime candidate for the ID.4’s power source role. There’s also the chance of Volkswagen going for the 83-kWh battery pack announced by the I.D. Crozz concept, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out in the end.

The Volkswagen ID.3 Isn't Coming to the States, But This ID.4 Is!
- image 861834

We also know that the I.D. Crozz used two electric motors (one on each axle), both offering 225 kW (302 horsepower), which seems like a good choice for a crossover/SUV. By comparison, the more compact ID.3 makes 150 kW (201 horsepower), and it’s also a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, something that’s not on the table for the Volkswagen ID.4. Not much to talk about in the performance figure department, but the 180 km/h (112 mph) top speed announced for the I.D. Crozz seems feasible for the time being.

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