The wold’s ugliest car, a unique Auroro, is back on the road 50 years after its launch. The car, a 19 feet long monster that was built by an eccentric New York priest as the ultimate safety vehicle, is now turning heads again.

When it was built it was supposed to be the safest car ever built and included features that are now common, but at the time were unheard of. It had seatbelts, a roll cage, side-impact bars, a collapsible steering column, foam-filled bumpers and a padded instrument panel. Its windscreen was curved away from the driver so the possibility of impact with it was reduced.
This design meant that windscreen wipers were not required, but it also distorted the view through it.

Its most peculiar safety feature was the seats that swivelled 180 degrees so before a crash those inside could turn round and take the impact backwards.

"I have done a lot of ridiculous things with cars, but this has been by far the most difficult. It was as if Father Juliano never wanted it to work - possibly that’s because of all my swearing. The most difficult thing to get hold of was the windscreen. I had several commissioned that didn’t work out. No one knows how the original was made."

"Now it is restored the reaction has been incredible. People are amazed at it and it’s surprising how many remember it from the failed launch in 1957.

"The Aurora will be on display at the Beaulieu Motor Museum for the next year, then I will get it out on the road."

Source: Rexfeatures

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