Thare are no fewer 24 different 911 models to choose from

Porsche sells a wide array of different versions of their 911 sports car, and the sheer variety may seem daunting for somebody not intimately acquainted with their naming strategy. But the automaker has stepped in to address this by putting out an informative video detailing the way they name their cars and how to more easily understand what 911 you’re looking at based on what is written on the back of it.

There are no fewer than 24 different derivatives, and they’re actually quite different and cater to different needs.

Buying a Carrera T, for instance, is definitely a good idea if you want to drive the car every day and occasionally take it to the track, while if you buy the 911 GT2 RS, it would be good for occasional commuting, but should mostly be reserved for pure track driving.

The video also explains why some models are named the way they are and what the history behind their name is. You will, for instance, learn where the Carrera and Targa names originate from or how to tell a two- from a four-wheel drive 911 just by looking at its model designation.

There Are So Many Variations of the Porsche 911, Even Porsche Had to Make a Video to Explain Them
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So if you feel like you’re not exactly sure just what differentiates one 911 derivative from another, take five minutes to check out this video - it’s not a bad way to spend five minutes of your life.

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