There is a new woman in the life ofFormula One driver Sebastian Vettel. Her name is Randy Mandy and she is the newest machine in the driver’s life. There was Kate’s Dirty Sister and then Luscious Liz, but now, Randy Mandy is the new thing on Vettel’s Renault-powered Red Bull Formula One car.

One of Vettel’s superstitions is to christen each of his cars with a girl’s name. These names have to be in ascending alphabetical order. Reporters asked Vettel what the name of his new car would be in Istanbul and the driver replied with a smile, “Randy Mandy”.

"It’s difficult to say [how much difference it made]," Vettel said to ESPN. "I think it explains a lot and, on top of that we found, also other things that weren’t in proper shape anymore. It doesn’t mean that we come here and everything is solved, we still have to work hard and try our best to be at the front again."

Sadly, the first race for Randy Mandy didn’t go as planned. Halfway through the race, Vettel and teammate Mark Webber collided when Vettel attempted to overtake Webber for the lead as the pair headed for Turn 12.

After the race, analysis of the incident dominated Formula One headlines, but both drivers want to put the past behind them.

"The team had got us into a great position and it wasn’t good for them what happened - so I’m sorry for them that we lost the lead of the race," Vettel said.

One race doesn’t mean a whole lot though and it should be interesting to see how Vettel and Randy Mandy perform in Montreal, Canada.

"We have a great team and the spirit is very strong. I’m looking forward to Canada,” said Vettel to Sky Sports.


Source: ESPN, Sky Sports

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  (592) posted on 12.20.2010

nah another million car has ended his life on track,, oh well that’s racing...

  (647) posted on 06.8.2010

Dang! A Red bull sponsored F1 has been dis mangled. That was a bad race for him.

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