• There’s a Pretty Gnarly Pot hole in Los Angeles

This is ultimate off-roading fun on real roads!

Potholes are nasty. Potholes are mean. They get sadistic pleasure by making your beloved car go through them and inflicting damage in some cases. Potholes are generally created when the underlying soil is weakened by water and the tarmac getting steamrolled by oncoming vehicles, before ultimately giving up and becoming a hell hole that causes trouble to everyone. Here is one instance of a pothole in Los Angeles that was literally invisible and victimized more than a few cars.

Read About This ’Hole’ Episode

There's a Pretty Gnarly Pot hole in Los Angeles
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A single pothole on the road has the capability to make you go through different emotions within a span of five seconds. From smiling to "Oh Sh*t," to "What the f**k was that," to "That was crazy!." Surprisingly, this is the case even if you have spotted the pothole in advance.

Here is a dreaded, victimized driver who decided to record the misery on his camera and show it to the world.

He stood on the side of the road and filmed the action where multiple cars are seen skinny dipping for a few seconds on a rainy night in Los Angeles. There were some smart sons of biscuits as well, who evaded the potholes, but others weren’t so lucky

Here is the description of the video: ” Hit a pothole last January 14, 2019, around 6 pm and damaged my vehicle. So I decided to take videos (I know it sounds inconsiderate, but I’m using it as evidence) and called the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Service.

I found out that the pothole had been reported last January 11, 2019, and is still pending.

It is located at the 5 south freeway at the Osborne Exit near Arleta California in the only right turn lane. Last night, January 15, that pothole is still there creating more damage to other vehicles. “

Hope This Pothole Is Fixed Soon

There's a Pretty Gnarly Pot hole in Los Angeles
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Although the evidence was needed to get the authorities to speed up the process and fix the pothole as soon as possible, it would have been a little kinder had the driver instead placed a sign, or stones, or something that would bring this pothole to the attention of the other motorists. A recording of how deep the pothole is without having the vehicles go through it would have also served the purpose.

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