This automaker is not to be confused with the other one that’s using the same name

Spanish automaker Hispano-Suiza promised to deliver on its return to the auto industry with the Carmen. That’s a promise that we’re still waiting on, but another automaker that also calls itself Hispano-Suiza has unveiled the Maguari HS1 GTC supercar. Named after a stork that’s native to South America, the Maguari HS1 GTC is a supercar that packs a Lamborghini-sourced V-10 engine and a pair of turbochargers that combine to produce a whopping 1,085 horsepower. Confusion notwithstanding, the Hispano-Suiza Maguari HS1 GTC is a supercar that comes from German-based Hispano Suiza Automobile Manufaktur AG. That’s a different company from Spanish-based Hispano-Suiza Cars, which unveiled teasers for its own new model last week, called the Carmen.

There's Another Hispano-Suiza Company That Just Presented a 1,000-Horsepower Supercar
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If it was a statement that needed to be made, Hispano-Suiza made its statement emphatically clear. Except that a different Hispano-Suiza made this statement. If you’re as confused as we are, here’s a quick backstory. There are two automakers that are named after the legendary Spanish coachbuilder. One is based in Spain while the other calls Germany home. The Spanish-based Hispano-Suiza is bringing its new model — the Carmen — to the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

The German-based Hispano-Suiza just presented its own first offering: the Maguari HS1 GTC, a racy-looking supercar that can punch you in the mouth the second you underestimate it.

The two companies are not related to one another. In fact, both are actually claiming the right to use the Hispano-Suiza brand for its cars. At some point in the near future, expensive lawyers from both sides will most likely duke it out in court to settle this issue. But for now, we’re ceding the spotlight to the German-based Hispano-Suiza, which also happens to be responsible for the Gran Turismo Coupe Concept that we saw at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Nine years after that debut, the German Hispano-Suiza is headed back to Geneva to showcase an impressive-looking supercar with performance chops that could make the supercar segment stand and take notice.

There's Another Hispano-Suiza Company That Just Presented a 1,000-Horsepower Supercar
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Man, alive! The Maguari HS1 GTC is a car worth of its supercar label. The design is incredible, and Prof. Olivier Boulay, a French car designer, and architect, is responsible for it. Prof. Boulay also happens to be the Vice President of Daimler’s Advanced Design Centre in Beijing, China. When it comes to designing cars, the man knows what he’s doing. You only need to take one look at the Maguari HS1 GTC to be convinced of Boulay’s auto design chops.

The whole design of the supercar carries an avian design theme to it.

No more is that evident than in the front where a stork ornament can be seen on the massive front grille, seemingly peeking from two vertical strakes. There’s no traditional bumper in the front, but the hood does have a sharp sloping nose that drops just above the stork ornament. A set of aggressive looking headlamps helps the Maguari’s menacing appearance while two vertical lights — those could be the turn signal indicators — stand on opposite ends of the grille. The side and rear sections of the Maguari HS1 GTC continue the aggressive design theme of the supercar. The broad rear shoulders and the swooping shoulder line provides the aesthetic muscle whereas the rear is defined similarly large intakes and a light setup that evokes images of a bird — or is it a stork? — in flight. The design in the rear is tremendous in its own way. It kind of reminds of the Chrysler Laser, too.

There's Another Hispano-Suiza Company That Just Presented a 1,000-Horsepower Supercar
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We don’t get to see the interior, but we can wait for Geneva on that end. Personally, I don’t mind that a little mystery is left on the table. What isn’t a mystery at this point is the Maguari HS1 GTC’s powertrain. According to the automaker, the supercar is powered by a Lamborghini-sourced V-10 engine without specifying what V-10 engine it is. On that end, it should be the Lamborghini Huracan’s 5.2-liter V-10 engine.

Whatever it is, a pair of turbochargers is also part of the equation, helping increase the V-10 engine’s output to a whopping 1,080 horsepower.

The engine links to a seven-speed paddle-shift transmission, which, in turn, sends all that power to the two rear wheels.

With the Maguari HS1 GTC in full flight, German Hispano-Suiza claims that the supercar is capable of sprinting from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds before maxing at a “limited” top speed of 236 mph. Yes, the Maguari HS1 GTC has a limited top speed. I can’t begin to imagine how fast this thing can go if that limiter is disabled. Could the German Hispano-Suiza and the Maguari HS1 GTC make a run at the production car top speed record? It’s unlikely to happen, but our imaginations have come this far when it comes to this supercar. What’s an extra thought cost these days?

There's Another Hispano-Suiza Company That Just Presented a 1,000-Horsepower Supercar
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Austrian car designer Erwin Leo Himmel is the man behind this version of Hispano-Suiza. In describing the Maguari HS1 GTC, Himmel left nothing to the imagination when it comes to his plan for the company. "We want to build the most exclusive and comfortable luxury sports cars – jaw-dropping masterpieces," he said. "The legacy of (original Hispano Suiza founder) Marc Birkigt continues. But we do not only build cars; we also want to bring together like-minded people to actually live the brand."

Take note; the Hispano Suiza Maguari HS1 GTC is more than just a Geneva-bound concept that’s attending to stir things up at the show.

The German automaker actually has plans to sell it at a price of $2.5 million per unit by the spring. That should be enough time for the company to finish up the last testing phase of the HS1 GTC before showing it to the market. If the supercar looks as good as the model that’s headed for Geneva, it’s not going to take a lot of convincing to get people to pay a premium for this raunchy supercar.

There's Another Hispano-Suiza Company That Just Presented a 1,000-Horsepower Supercar
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Hispano-Suiza Maguari HS1 GTC specifications

Engine: V10 – mid-engine with twin-turbo and e-compressors
Capacity: 5204 cc
Transmission: 7-speed automatic / sequential paddle shift
Traction: Rear wheel drive
Clutch: Twin-plate clutch
Max. Power: 1085 HP / 798 KW @ 8.200 rpm
Max. Torque: 1050 Nm @ 6,650 rpm
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 2,8 s
Top Speed: Beyond 380 km/h (electronically limited)
Weight: 1,780 kg
Dimensions: 5100 mm x 2100 mm x 1250 mm
Chassis: Aluminum space frame with carbon-fiber bodywork
Brakes: Front/Rear: 420/400 mm carbon-ceramics – ventilated inside (HSCCB technology)
Tires/Wheels: Front: 22-inch 6-spoke milled alloy wheels with central lock -285/35 ZR22
Rear: 23-inch 6-spoke milled alloy wheels with central lock – 335/30 ZR23
Suspension: Active Hybrid Lifting System (mechanical/electrical)

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