• There’s No Outrunning Nostalgia With This Sit-Down Arcade Cabinet

It’ll only take one sitting to get make you remember the golden age arcade video games

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Back in the 1980s when every kid could be spotted in an arcade parlor during weekends, Sega’s OutRun was one of the most popular go-to machines. Whether it was the stand-up cabinet versions of the more elaborate sit-down versions, OutRun had plenty of fans.

That’s important to note because while arcade parlors are no longer around, the game is making a comeback courtesy of Arcade1Up. The direct-to-consumer arcade builder is offering a limited number of OutRun sit-down arcade cabinets — in all their 8-bit glory — that you can order for just $499. We don’t need to tell you that it’s a great Christmas gift for your beloved, especially if he/she grew up chugging cans of Tab, using hair spray on their hair, and running through a piggy bank’s worth of quarters in these arcade parlors.

This brings back a lot of memories, doesn’t it?

There's No Outrunning Nostalgia With This Sit-Down Arcade Cabinet
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Before NBA Jam took all my time and quarters, OutRun was one of my favorite arcade games. It didn’t matter that it was 8-bit or that I only had a faux Ferrari Testarossa to call as my own, OutRun was one of the games that got me started into car racing video games. You better believe that with Arcade1IUp offering a modern version of this classic in pure sit-down arcade form, the limited units that the company plans to sell will sell out faster than it takes the pseudo Ferrari to complete a stage in the game.

What does it mean to be a modern version of the classic game?

To be clear, Arcade1Up didn’t build era-specific units of the classic OutRun arcade game. While that would’ve been cool on its own merits, the available units are made up of modern pieces. The screen, for example, is a 17-inch color LCD screen, far more advanced than the old screens of the OG arcade. Dual speakers are also part of the package and, more importantly a comfortable bench seat that you can sit on for hours on end as you bleed your eyes dry playing the game.

Gas and brake pedals are included, as is a light-up marquee, variable volume switch, a clear protective control deck cover, and an anti-tip over strap.

How many games are included in the arcade?

There's No Outrunning Nostalgia With This Sit-Down Arcade Cabinet
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This is the sweet surprise. If you’re buying this sit-down arcade game, you’re not just buying the old OutRun video game.

Three other games are included in the arcade, including a pair of sequels to the OutRun game: Turbo Outrun and Outrunners.

In addition, Sega’s classic kart racing game Power Drift is also included in the arcade. You can pick which game you want to play in the main menu and off you go.

I’m sold. How do I get one and how much does it cost?

There's No Outrunning Nostalgia With This Sit-Down Arcade Cabinet
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You can order one now through Arcade1Up’s website. There are limited quantities available so you need to get going if you want one in your household in time for the Christmas season. A unit costs $499, not including shipping fees. It’s a steep price, sure, and there are other options that you can look into at that price range.

The range-topping Sony PlayStation 5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive retails for the same price and it’s expected to launch in time for the holiday season. It’s an interesting choice to make if you can only get one, but the best solution to that is to get both and be done with it. You don’t see an OutRun arcade game that often these days. Take advantage of the opportunity when there’s one available.

Source: Arcade1Up

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