• There’s Something So Mesmerizing About Watching This Wooden Ford Range Raptor Come to Life

This is the world’s only 100% bio-degradable Ford Ranger Raptor

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The Ford Ranger Raptor is the badass brother of the log-crawling mid-size pickup truck that is the Ranger. The deal with each one of Ford’s Raptors is that they can still successfully face rough terrains but do so with an added dose of cool. Big tires, a wider body, and more ground clearance complete the image of a truck that few will mess with, even if it’s all been rendered in wood which is the material of choice in the case of this scaled-down replica of the Ranger Raptor.

This is the Ford Ranger Raptor that’s made out of the terrain it likes best

There's Something So Mesmerizing About Watching This Wooden Ford Range Raptor Come to Life
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The latest Ford Ranger Raptor is arguably one of the most enticing pickups that the Blue Ovals is offering today. Its muscular persona is noticeable no matter the angle from which you’re looking at this truck and, with 369 pound-feet of torque at its disposal from a 2.0-Liter, turbocharged diesel four-pot, the Ranger Raptor is surely deserving of that sand-blasting ’Baja Mode’.

But this Ranger Raptor won't move an inch. It won't go off-road, won't climb rocks, and won't even go over a downed tree


It won’t even take you down the highway and that’s because this Raptor is made out of the tree. To be precise, this is an exact replica of the Raptor made out of finely carved wood that features a myriad of moving parts. It’s quite big (we think it’s maybe 1/12th scale or thereabout) and creating all of the parts and putting them together took an astounding 25 days.

There's Something So Mesmerizing About Watching This Wooden Ford Range Raptor Come to Life
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The video here below that we strongly recommend you check out takes a deep dive into the process of building wooden replicas including having to carve each part out of a piece of wood. The craftsman first draws out the silhouette of the Raptor (seen from its sides, as well as a top view, and a front-end view and a rear-end view) on a rectangular piece of wood that becomes the basis for the truck’s body.

Excess wood is then slowly and precisely cut out of the way using a variety of tools until you end up with something that more accurately resembles the Ranger’s shape. Thereafter, you carve into your block of wood and clear it out so that you can create the Raptor’s cabin as the doors of the truck will open and close - as will its hood and tailgate.

There's Something So Mesmerizing About Watching This Wooden Ford Range Raptor Come to Life
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What’s left is to make these opening parts out of wood as well and connect them to the body. The most time-consuming process is adding precision details to the body such as carving out the taillights, headlights, and that easily recognizable Raptor grille - including the F-O-R-D lettering in the middle. In fact, that centerpiece that contains the oversized lettering is separate altogether to the body, as are the rims that go into the wheels themselves.

More details are added under the skin as a plank of wood is modeled to look like the Raptor’s unique turbo-diesel engine that develops 210 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. Present too are the axles underneath that feature active springs (not quite the Fox Racing shocks that are fitted to the real car). The steering works too. Sadly, the interior hasn’t been modeled, so you can’t see the gear selector that controls the Raptor’s 10-speed automatic it co-developed alongside General Motors.

There's Something So Mesmerizing About Watching This Wooden Ford Range Raptor Come to Life
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But, beyond that, just about anything else that could be built out of wood and added to the Raptor has been added, including, as mentioned, an active tailgate held in place by two tiny chains. Thanks to the free-spinning wheels and the active suspension, this little Ford can actually become a play toy but we think it looks better as the showpiece in someone’s office - especially when you consider that something like this will set you back a good few hundreds of dollars - nowhere near the $28,790 MSRP of the real deal but still quite a lot of money.

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