The muscle car era is alive and kicking at Chrysler these days, and it all surrounds the supercharged, 6.4-liter, Hellcat V-8. So far, engineers and folks with blood pumping through their hearts have convinced the bean counters to drop the 707-horsepower V-8 into the Challenger and Charger and its paying off hugely as Dodge dealers can’t keep Challenger Helcats in stock. But what else could Chrysler throw the Hellcat at?

Unfortunately (for now), the possibility of a Hellcat-powered Ram 1500 truck seems bleak. Car & Driver recently managed an interview with Ram Trucks’ CEO Bob Hegbloom over lunch and the topic came up. His answer? “At this time, I would say no.”

Aha! It’s all in reading between the lines. Even though Hegbloom continues in his statement saying something along the lines of, “[there are] other areas [of Ram’s business] with a bigger opportunity.” Oh, but wait. So perhaps the Hellcat will in fact find its way into other Chrysler products. That makes even more sense when considering the automaker just recently trademarked the name “Trackhawk.” Perhaps this will be a beastlier version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.

So while the Hellcat’s next stop might not be the Ram 1500’s engine bay, it seems the truck could be on the list — just further down. As Car & Driver points out, the Ram — or Dodge back then — has a history of insane powerplants. Remember the Ram 1500 SRT-10 with the Viper engine and six-speed manual transmission? We sure do. Hopefully the time will come when Chrysler gives the Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat project the green light.

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Why it matters

If you have to ask yourself why putting a 707-horsepower, supercharged V-8 into a single cab, short bed truck, you’re probably reading the wrong website. Chrysler has spent a lot of resources to develop the Hellcat engine and now has tons of equity in the name. It’s almost a household noun. The fine folks at Chrysler would be nuts to leave the Hellcat engine out of other vehicles. The Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Ram 1500, the Chrysler 300, and the Dodge Durango are all perfect candidates.

Ram 1500

2013 - 2014 Ram 1500 High Resolution Exterior
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The Ram 1500 has long been a strong player in the fight against Ford and GM. Now in 2014, the truck is better than it’s ever been; complete with a five-link rear coil-over suspension, an available air suspension, a well-appointed cabin, a stout list of engines, and an available eight-speed automatic.

Those looking for fuel economy with the ability to tow should look to the 3.0-liter, EcoDiesel V-6. With plenty of power and torque, plus an EPA-rated 28 mpg highway, the EcoDiesel offers the best of both worlds.

Pricing for the Ram starts at $24,810 and rises up toward the $50,000 mark with all the options checked.

Source: CarAndDriver

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