• Thermaltake, together with BMW DesignWorks, introduces the Level 10 computer chassis

Thermaltake, together with BMW DesignWorks, is set to finally release the Level 10, a high-tech concept computer case that’s fast becoming a hot item among techies all over the world.

Back in June, the Level 10 was first introduced to the public but it wasn’t until a few days ago when deliveries of the computer were made to various tech outlets. Despite the longer-than-expected wait, it seems that the computer has more than lived up to its billing.

Contrary to standard aluminum boxes that PCs are being housed in these days, Thermaltake took a different approach with the Level 10 by incorporating a central pillar, together with a number of individual compartments that houses the motherboard, the PSU, and optical and hard drives.

If you look at the photos a little bit closer, you’ll notice that those large panels right on the lower left side of the computer stores a number of important instruments including the motherboard mount, the PCI-E cards, and the GPUs. Likewise, the hot-swap SATA bays can be found on the right where they are connected to vertical heatsink. As far as that top right encasing is concerned, that’s where the computer’s three optical drives are located.

What makes this PC all the more impressive is that each compartment comes with its own ventilation system, thereby reducing the threat of overheating significantly.

We all showed you the Dodge Charger SRT8-inspired CPU a few days ago, but to be honest, those two belong to entirely different levels. While the Charger desktop is more a novelty than a performance-based computer, the Level 10 is all business all the time.

The aesthetic design of the Level 10 says it all, really. That computer chassis is reserved for the hardcore, and nobody else.

Source: Maximum PC

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