Gone in 60 seconds done right?

FCA is out at least 10 Ram 1500 pickups after a whole band of thieves committed a cluster theft at the company’s Warren lot. It all started with the theft of one pickup truck from a driveway in the area. From there, a whole band of thieves loaded up into the truck bed and drove to the lot. Once there, they cut a hole in the fence, everyone offloaded, and before security even knew what was going on, they were staring at a convoy of brand-new 2018 Ram pickups driving away into the night, never to be seen again (well, so far, anyway)

It sounds a lot like a Gone in 60 Seconds type theft and, as reported by the Detroit Free Press, it’s actually far from being the first of its type. Warren Police Commissioner, Bill Dwyer, said that while it’s not unheard of, it’s very unusual for this kind of theft to include such a high number of vehicles stolen. He said there were likely at least 10 people in the bed of the initially stolen truck. It’s still unknown whether the thieves are targeting various parts of each truck or the trucks themselves, but it’s believed to be part of a mass order with buyers already lined up.

“All these things took days, weeks, months of planning," he said. "Once you get the vehicles, you’ve got to have a buyer. This definitely sounds like an order. Sounds like the kind of theft where they immediately could be taken to a port, put into a container and shipped offshore."

And, the worst part is that even if the trucks aren’t on their way to their illegitimate owners yet, FCA isn’t really working with police to solve the problem. The company obviously has to perform its own internal investigation and can’t even disclose if the keys were stored inside the stolen vehicles. This, in turn, is frustrating police who have yet to hear back from FCA amid the fact that there’s an ongoing investigation.

Warren police are offering up a reward of an undisclosed amount and, if you happen to have any information that can lead to the apprehension of those responsible for the theft, you should call 586-574-4800.


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