A Mercedes AMG model is no doubt a car that suggests luxury and wealth, so it doesn’t surprise us that someone would want to make their vehicle look as much like the AMG model as possible. And that’s exactly what someone tried to do when they transformed their Lexus SC300 into a Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG.

The conversion was made by a Japanese guy with lots of spare time, and he actually started to do an impressive job. However, at some point he did not realize that enough was enough, and he ended up going way too far and ruining it all.

The car’s proportions are quite accurate, but the bonnet is very exaggerated, the side skirts are different, and the air vents are too big compared to the original model. The doors openings are also different and the rear is a total failure. The only things that resemble an SL55 AMG are the taillights and the double pipes from the exhaust system. The rest is just personal interpretation.


Source: Minds Farm

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