Will horseback drifting become a thing? We hope so!

Think drifting a Pony car is hard? How about drifting one of those invaluable Prancing Horses from Maranello? Well, nothing compares to the reaction you’ll get if you manage to drift an actual living and breathing horse.

I sense you’ve probably read that last phrase a couple of times. Yes, someone did actually manage to slide a horse to a stop in a dirt arena. It is possible and, yes, it’s more exciting than any ’Ford Mustang leaving a car meet’ compilation video you’ll ever see.

One of the few moments deserving of a proper "Woah!"

When was the last time you saw something for the first time? While some fans of horseback riding and horse trickery might have already been familiar with this elaborate "stoppie," most of us have never seen anyone ’drift’ a horse to a standstill like that.

That is, until Twitter user JuiceToWave posted a video of someone doing just that to enter a dirt arena in style. Soon after, other Twitter users replied to the original tweet with videos of other riders displaying similar stopping abilities with their horses.

There’s just one question left now: When will we see horses drifting around bends like that? Or, more importantly, is all of this safe to do? Leave your thoughts on this whole thing in the comments section below!

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